What A Wonderful World – Lyrics and Chords

The final, and magical, scene of Good Morning, Vietnam (released in 1987) included Louis Armstrong’s What A Wonderful World. That’s when I realized it is one of the best “prayers” in existence. As Arlo Guthrie said in his crazy song, I Don’t Want A Pickle,

I learnt it right away.

Here is the lead sheet I use when playing it. Can’t remember where I found the chords – I have played it for a long while. The good thing is that this sheet is written in the key of F major – the same one Satchmo used in this wonderful arrangement. – so you can play along with the video. It’ll be pretty close, if not right on. I’ve included the chords tablature for the ones I use in the song at the bottom. It is number 235 in my personal, haphazard songbook – which holds songs I haven’t/hadn’t completely memorized. Hope you get as much enjoyment out of this song as I do. If this helped you, please let me know.

What A Wonderful World
What A Wonderful World

Author: mytiturk

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8 thoughts on “What A Wonderful World – Lyrics and Chords”

    1. I (finally) taught guitar in high school for about 3 years just before retiring in 2007. It was very satisfying. I put the chord tabs on this sheet for my grade 11’s as a resource they might try one day because, for me, that song is hugely important. Thanks to you for taking the time to share your love for great jazz.

  1. This is such a lovely song, and what a wonderful version from Louis. Thanks for sharing! I’d love to learn to play the guitar someday, and this would be a great one to have in my future repertoire.

    1. Hi Emily,

      Thank you for your lovely comment and for following my site. Your appreciation means a lot. Wishing you success in learning the guitar.

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