Britons As Canaries

In Jacobin Magazine this detailed examination, by Costas Lapavitsas, of the Brexit decision:

Why They Left

We in Canada would do well to read it for an appreciation of how Britain, a canary in our Western coal mine of corporate-led disenfranchisement of working people, has alienated all but the privileged as wages, health care and other social services disintegrate.

If the discontent that produced Brexit is recognized as a sign that revolutionary reforms to our global economic model are urgently needed, it may be the first step in a progressive movement.

If, alternatively, the powerful seize this crisis to preserve or fortify their oppressive corporate welfare state of affairs, it will become yet one more “shock” used by disaster capitalists to tighten their strangle hold on the rest of us. Naomi Klein’s The Shock Doctrine explains this brilliantly.

Cautious Wisdom on Brexit

This short article from Robert Parry is a very worthwhile read. I trust him on so many issues. He reflects here on the loss of trust produced by the realization that American leadership, like that in the EU, has resulted in policies that have not produced a system that respects, or works toward a secure future for, the average person. Wealth is increasingly funnelled upwards. Everyman has been betrayed. The outcome of the dangerous, but natural, human reaction to this is disquieting.

The piece’s final statement:

Right now, Clinton and the Democrats are carrying the banner of the Establishment, while Trump and his Republican insurgents fly the Jolly Roger. In a political year when the anti-establishment wave seems to be cresting, the Democrats may regret their choice of a legacy, status-quo candidate.

Skagway Train

Our Skagway Train - 2001
Skagway Train – 2001

In August 2001 we sailed from Vancouver to Alaska on the Norwegian Wind. The ship docked in Juneau, Skagway, Haines and Ketchikan and sailed Glacier Bay. Traveling with Tom, Carol and Margaret made it great fun.

We took this spectacular train trip rom Skagway on the Alaskan coast to the border with Canada. On the way were footpaths that the prospectors took – evidence being lots of stuff left behind. A lot of packhorses died on this journey in search of the yellow metal. Those prospectors  that made it were often turned back by RCMP guns protecting our Canadian Yukon gold.

New: “Mind Poison” – A List

Pyrenees Horses – Basque Country, April 26, 2013

I suffer at the moment from sheer frustration and considerable stress over the dangerous state of complacency among the vast majority of good people of voting age in so-called democracies around the world.

So I’ve put up a new, permanently present, header page listing the toxic idea peddlers who can regularly be encountered when one is reading, listening or watching mainstream media.

This has been therapy for me. Sort of like a discharge of emotional pus. I admit it.

In this page, over time, I plan to build a list to identify those public figures who, I believe, are dangerous to trust because they are, to me, charlatan opportunists who promote ideas in which they do NOT personally believe, but benefit (directly or indirectly) from promoting them. In some cases they may really believe what they promote. While sad for them, it can be intellectual and moral poison for those who are persuaded to believe them… and deadly for the future of Homo sapiens.

Have a look and, please, be aware…