A Voyage… Of Sorts

PICT0387 4x6 RS.jpegAbove: a project of mine that is almost finished. It may just come in handy…

Ever want to just get away from it all? Things just south of where I live seem to be getting a little dodgy. I’m not following it closely – bad for my health – but I get the impression that we (the entire Planet) are in for a frightening amusement park ride, kind of like being on a rickety contraption that has needed maintenance – no, out-and-out modification – for waaayyy too long. Circumstances beyond our control, such as locked iron bars across our laps, forbid escape, yet we might have avoided the crisis by deciding to take a hike somewhere in a remote place, instead of hanging around the bright lights of the “city.”

PICT0628 Mod RS.jpgSomewhere maybe like this…

Another, more sensible, pro-active move might have been to contact those in authority and let them know how concerned we might be about the outdated, treacherous state of the ride. We might have placed pressure on the management for some critical improvements.

If the authorities were unresponsive, perhaps we might have got a group together and gone down to the “mayor’s office” and made some noise. Bang some pots and pans, maybe. Sing a few songs, perhaps.

But not enough of us did. Those things seem to have gone out of fashion.

So now, here we are on this now visibly scary ride. Because of the hate-filled, unpredictable, unfit-to-lead, loud-mouthed guy about to be handed the buttons and levers, we look down and wish we were wearing Depends.

And we desperately hope we can save ourselves by bringing back the mild-mannered fellow who used to operate it. But the real problem is bigger than that. The thing has no “fine tuning.” The machine needs to be redesigned and replaced.

We need more controls than one button with an elephant and another with a donkey.

It doesn’t matter who stands in the control booth. The owners, apparently worth billions, like it very simple – the way it is.  It is they who need to be changed. And they are so desperate to stay in charge  that they create fables to point away from their crude dichotomy as the fundamental problem and toward convenient “enemies.”

At this particular moment I don’t want to be even standing next to this ride – hence the above project. I do not want, nor do I want my family, to become collateral damage if and when the entertainment turns to real horror.

So I’m building, with renewable resources, a canoe big enough for my extended family. If I can, I’ll hire a genius like Nainoa Thompson to navigate for us.

Wish us luck and fair winds. Maybe we will meet somewhere on the high seas or on a remote island. When those pesky gamma rays hit, I want to be well tanned.

PICT0152 4x6 RS.jpeg

Until then, aloha.

The Scary Big Picture


It increasingly appears that the US, facing eventual economic decline, is desperate to consolidate its One Superpower Forever role, no matter what misery has to be inflicted on the rest of the world to do it.

Trade Deals such as the TPP, with Investor-State Dispute Settlement Agreements that allow corporations to sue governments are one major priority, but these have been encountering some difficulty in being ratified. One threat: Donald Trump has threatened to tear up NAFTA.

World-Wide Military Goals:

There are three main military aspects to the ugly struggle to stay on top:

  1. NATO: This European military tool, NATO, disguised as an international alliance of willing, like-minded states.
  2. Levant: In their exploitation of the Levant the US partners with Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel and jihadists it arms.
  3. Its Pivot to Asia, which I will not address here.

Uncle Sam seems to me to be preparing for all-out war to consolidate its hold on the planet.

NATO: This article, called NATO Aggression: Is There A Way OUT?, by Christopher Black in the journal New Eastern Outlook, uses great economy of words to shed new light on the macabre, complicated entirety of the NATO situation Continue reading “The Scary Big Picture”

The Best Article Ever on Syria


The Need to Hold Saudi Arabia Accountable – Consortiumnews

The magnificent Robert Parry so much wisdom in so few words. The best article on world politics I have EVER read!

Our AFN and the Dakota Example

Love – Zaagidwin: The eagle that represents love because he has the strength to carry all the teachings. The eagle has the ability to fly highest and closest to the creator and also has the sight to see all the ways of being from great distances. The Eagle’s teaching of love can be found in the core of all teachings, therefore an eagle feather is considered the highest honour and a sacred gift.

An Ojibway elder I met during the early Idle no More protests said that Canada’s opposition to the rape of our environment would be enabled through the First Nations and International Law that protects their powerful communal rights. But many laws have been squirrelled into a dozen omnibus bills by our previous Conservative government. They have been left scattered there by Justin Trudeau, who increasingly appears to be an agent of darkness with a phoney aura of light. These laws and amendments have smoothed the path for foreign and domestic developers by removing strong environmental laws that slowed down projects. They also foster the removal of sacred communal rights Continue reading “Our AFN and the Dakota Example”

48 Christmases Ago…

Living in Vancouver, cash-strapped, in 1968 I wanted to get home to Montreal for Christmas. My sister had a brand new son born on December 10 and my parents lived on Queen Mary Road.

I and another young fellow named Don traveled with Dave and Kathy B. from Vancouver to Toronto in their VW station wagon. Don and I had answered a posted ad offering a ride if gas costs and driving were shared. Only Dave and Kathy knew each other prior to the trip. The drive East to Toronto was completed in just 61.5 hours!

On the way there Dave wanted to avoid the Trans Canada Highway north of Lake Superior and suggested crossing to the American side and going south of Superior through N. Dakota and Duluth, Minnesota crossing into Canada at Sault Ste. Marie. Don argued that the road would be hellishly icy either way – and he was right but Dave was the boss. It was a white-knuckle ride all night. The VW had tires with metal studs, still allowed everywhere in Canada in those days. This did not make it safer – the studs simply allowed us to drive fast without facing certain death.

Dave dropped off Don and me, both from Montreal, at Union Station. The two Montrealers then rode together on a CN train from Toronto to Montreal. On that part of the journey Don told me that he was carrying marijuana. He then revealed that, during our two border crossings and our time south of the border, I had been carrying it in my left jacket pocket! Continue reading “48 Christmases Ago…”

Fidel Castro

Rebelde Fidel
El Morro – Santiago da Cuba (photo from 2010 Cuba Trip)

I have long admired Fidel Castro, who did much to bring world-class literacy and health care to all Cubans and to countries in need. He was no saint, but I believe a pure idealist would never have had the strength to withstand the pressures, the attempts on his life and the crippling, decades-long embargo applied by the USA.

I have been to Cuba twice. The second time, in 2010, my wife and I traveled widely on the island by public bus and stayed with local people in their homes.

I have posted on Cuba and on Fidel Castro previously here:

Cuba – A Reflection in 2010 (Re-posted in 2012 from a blog since closed)

On Fidel Castro

North Dakota Fascism – A Wake-Up Call?

Bleakness abounds. Politicians with considerable power turn away. Mammon rules with asymptotically growing crudity, cruelty and excess, even without Trump in “power.” No big surprise that American “democracy” is a crock if one’s eyes are truly open to HRC’s portrayal by Wikileaks. We have learned nothing from the fascism of the past and, ironically, we minions who have benefitted from neocolonial atrocities committed upon others around the globe for over a century will, in turn, be ground under.

So wrong on so many levels.

And, President-Elect Trump, the idea of Greatness in the old-fashioned, Roman sense of economic growth and world dominance, is meaningless. In a finite biosphere, growth, as we have known it, is unsustainable. Get over it.

It is time for a Damascene Conversion.

True greatness Continue reading “North Dakota Fascism – A Wake-Up Call?”