What Can We Learn from Ancient Egypt?

Worship the Sun – it’ll outlast all the other gods we have created in our own likenesses to suit our purposes.

Carve your history on stone in an arcane language. That way the narrow-minded crusaders won’t destroy it.

Forget vowels, you don’t really need them – it’s tough enough being a scribe.

Don’t let a Roman, even if he looks like Richard Burton, run your armed forces.

Build things out of really big rocks with a very wide base. Make them narrower on top. Finance them with real assets like gold. They will stand the test of time.

This was posted on my old blog on December 15th, 2008


Author: mytiturk

Travelbug Minstrel: Strum for my supper, croon for my cuppa Search for a sign, write for my whine

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