Strawberry Hills Swimming Pool
Strawberry Hills Swimming Pool

On April 6 we flew to Jamaica and began a fascinating 8-day adventure by car. We traveled with old friends, W and B. W was born and raised in Trinidad. Almost 50 years ago W and I taught chem and math in the same secondary school in southeast Trinidad. We go back. Lots of stories and laughs then and since.

We rented a car in Kingston on April 7 and returned it there on April 14.

B suggested a few years ago that when she retired the four of us would holiday in Jamaica, where she grew up. Her idea became true this year. She worked hard planning an itinerary for us that covered Kingston, the southeast coast, the eastern end, and the north coast as far as Montego Bay. See map.

Map Of Our Trip credit for original map: Nationmaster.com
Map Of Our Trip
credit for original map: Nationmaster.com

The day before we flew home we ate a delicious buffet lunch at a special and beautiful mountain resort near Kingston called Strawberry Hills. The arresting bust adorning the pool and the airy mountainous backdrop make this pool the most beautiful I have ever seen. See above photo.

W and B visited us here in the GTA a month before our trip. B brought homework for us in the form of a great book about Jamaica called Jamaica Fi Real! W told me to expect a rich cultural experience in Jamaica. I was not disappointed.

More later. Now: a few more photos of Strawberry Hills:



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