Educating the Young … And the Old… And Quick

Now, if Joe Canuck could only get it...
Now, if Joe Canuck could only get it…

From an article on Civil Disobedience by Camillo Bica:

We must make clear to young minds that there is objective truth regarding law, morality, and our nation’s behavior in the world, and that the injustices and immoralities — the wars, occupations, torture, assassinations, exploitation, greed, inequality, etc. — are real and not merely the consequence of differences in interpretation, ideology, or perspective. We must inform students that despite what they’ve been told, such laws, policies, and behaviors are neither in our nation’s interest nor legally or morally acceptable whether practiced by our “enemies” or by us and/or our allies. We must instill in them a sense of responsibility for the policies and actions of our political leaders, for how they govern, and for the effect such policies and laws have on human beings and the environment. We must motivate young people to become socially and politically engaged, to speak out, make demands upon their elected officials and not be satisfied with or mislead by deceptive rhetoric and further lies.

Two things I would add to this quote:

  • Older minds must also be changed
  • There is no time to lose.

By the way, Bica doesn’t like drones any more than I do.


Morocco – From Tanger to Fes

On our way to Fes from Tanger in March 2011 we stopped at Assilah, a resort town on Morocco’s Atlantic coast that Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young missed, resulting in their song, Marrakech Express. They were too high to remember to get off the train, and ended up in Marrakech. French is Morocco’s second language; if you speak it you will meet even more nice people…

We were on a guided tour run by Insight Vacations. These photos were taken from the roomy Mercedes bus, hence the slight glare. My polarizing filter came in handy to reduce it. If you have an older SLR, here’s a trick I learned to use when in a bus: I select shutter speed priority of around 1/1000th s. Then I use 0.3 exposure bracketing, forcing the camera to take three shots in rapid succession. This usually gives me at least one shot without a passing “telephone pole” ruining it.
If all the people who mistrust Muslims could be persuaded to spend a few, all-expenses-paid, days exploring Morocco, much healing would result. My humble suggestion: Take some of that money spent on high-tech weaponry and do something really good with it…
The next travel post will focus on Fes, Morocco’s holiest and most historic city with a most amazing medina, or old town. Fes boasts the oldest surviving university on the planet. It was founded by a woman.