The “eyes” have it… Or due they?

This was true, luckily for me. Mother always said. “A dog without influence or private means, if he is to make his way in the world, must have either good looks or amiability.” But, according to her, I over did it.

WordPress always, it seems, has suggestions for better ways for me to write things. I have never known it to simply let me post something without reminding me that it might be improved. While I am grateful for the genie’s help on many occasions, I suspected that it may be an automatic sort of operation.

So, to test things out, I retyped the  above small, 34-word excerpt from P.G. Wodehouse, a brilliantly funny – and meticulous – writer, into this post. I took it from page 58 of his book of short stories, The Man With Two Left Feet. Continue reading “The “eyes” have it… Or due they?”