My MH17 Lesson: We Don’t Want To Know

We peasants of the “free world” have totally surrendered.

We no longer care to know what is happening, and essentially have said to our sloppily elected “leaders,” who are the minions of the Very Very Few:

Pick our enemies for us.

Scuttle them by whatever murderous and evil ways you can.

Keep us safe and “prosperous.”

Just do it!


Go for it.

Blanket media censorship?


Paramilitary thugs?


Black ops?

Of course.

Displacement, enslavement and bombing of innocent foreigners?


Destruction of the biosphere?

If you/we must.

Anything, now, back to my toys.

After following MH17 politics for six months and devoting many of my best hours to trying to guess at, and point out, more alternatives  to the Western mainstream version of the “truth”, the penny described in the above “dialogue” finally dropped.

And the decay is not just among the typical couch potato. It exists, to differing degrees, among people who, in their youth, cared for justice and peace. They are not presented with all sides when they open a newspaper or turn on the radio or TV.

Even some of the best among us have tuned out.


The Matrix And The VVF

Photo Credit - JDHancock on Flickr
Photo Credit – JDHancock on Flickr – Some Rights Reserved

We First World Humans here in Sleepy Hollow (aka Canada) never saw this coming and it’s here under our desensitized noses and we still don’t see – or smell – it for what it really IS.

The early victims (Tim Hortons, Royal Bank, and McDonalds workers) are shocked but still unaware of the fact that we are a commodity to the new, few, real commanders of Planet Earth.

Our ancestors stood by as New World Peoples and Africans were commodified to serve the Very Very Few.

Now the VVF ship Filipinos and Chinese around the world like soles and uppers for Nike runners to be used and abused so that shareholder profits can be maximized.

We don’t even know where and when (in which omnibus bill Harper stashed this undebated piece of legal excrement) the expansion of the use of Temporary Foreign Workers happened to us.

And we live in a (here I turn aside to politely spit) “democracy.”

The Wachowski brothers, who wrote and directed The Matrix, saw where our world is headed. We viewers were dutifully amused in 1999, but not awakened.

We still lie here dreaming – attached to the apparatus of the Very Very Few – harvested, like the Yoruba in the 17th and 18th centuries, for a few extra “pennyworths” of profit, profit, profit.