Two and one are here

Sanctuary here, and joy

Sun and moon, and more


This photo, as I worked on it and after, sent me into a reflection on life and its symbols. So many aspects. So many important things.

What do you see here?


Tax Time – A Poem

Ode To The Penny-Wise At Tax Time

It’s ten lousy dollars
It’s no good to me
I’ll continue with pencil and paper
That’s free

Next year I’d have tried
Your app for my iPad
But you boys are so cheap
So it’s “Too Bad.” and “So sad.”

This year my taxes are already sent
No refund? You’ll lose in the future; I’m spent.


Doing my taxes is not rocket science.

Above is the approximate text of my third and final email to a tax software company because their ~$10 program won’t run on my Windows XP desktop.Thought I would try again after problems a decade ago with another software maker when trying to buy its software for the following year. I realize the problem this time may be with some glitch in my operating system. But the only reason to use tax software (for me, since my taxes are simple) is to save time. Dealing with software glitches (or billing issues) I will not do.

So my email #1 was asking for my money back and to briefly outline the problem.

My email #2 was to ask again for my $10 back and briefly explain the error message that appeared when I tried to run a special file they told me I had to download to avoid problems.

Their emails were not responsive to my issues – time and a little money.

The second refused to refund my money because it wasn’t their software problem. Not worth my time, but they got me after reading several Dr. Seuss stories to my grandson, so I couldn’t resist this snarky farewell.

Thinking and Writing

Blogging from home today instead of my Toyota dealer’s customer lounge. I have been going through a very active period of thinking lately and have realized that I’ll never get this stuff down unless I stop trying to produce a detailed reference for everyone I quote or whose ideas I express. The penny has dropped that I am not writing an academic paper when I blog. I blog to develop my thoughts and communicate the products of my thinking, my music or my photography to others. Full stop.

I will give references to documents and links where and when I can do so easily, but will not slow my writing down to serve the god of total disclosure. I will ask you, the reader, to trust that I’m doing my best.

That said, I admire a writer like Noam Chomsky who, due to the controversial nature of his ideas, meticulously gives footnotes and references for every idea he presents. He faces enough opposition as it is…