They’re Playing Our Charade… Again

I have not been following the tragic Ottawa shooting closely for various reasons. Mainly in an effort to preserve my equilibrium: Mansbridge and Solomon both have always impressed me as ratings/prestige/salary-driven lackeys of the new CBC TV aimed to keep us at an “elementary school” level of political awareness while, at the same time, thinking we’re clever. I focus on the terrific, enlightened stuff that CBC Radio still is permitted to produce.
The little TV news that I do catch in passing by the family room archway just confirms to the growing, hardening plaque in my attitude-arteries that our “democracy” is a Matrix-styled dream that we are kept in by very clever theatre.
The cynic in me says that Harper will seize this sad “opportunity” to paint the opposition as “lily-livered liberals” on security, build more physical and intellectual prisons, and, just possibly…, call an early election in the hope of scrounging
“four more years.”
Oh, and if you think I am tough on Stephen Harper, read this by John McMurtry, author and Professor of Philosophy at the University of Guelph. OMG!

The Matrix And The VVF

Photo Credit - JDHancock on Flickr
Photo Credit – JDHancock on Flickr – Some Rights Reserved

We First World Humans here in Sleepy Hollow (aka Canada) never saw this coming and it’s here under our desensitized noses and we still don’t see – or smell – it for what it really IS.

The early victims (Tim Hortons, Royal Bank, and McDonalds workers) are shocked but still unaware of the fact that we are a commodity to the new, few, real commanders of Planet Earth.

Our ancestors stood by as New World Peoples and Africans were commodified to serve the Very Very Few.

Now the VVF ship Filipinos and Chinese around the world like soles and uppers for Nike runners to be used and abused so that shareholder profits can be maximized.

We don’t even know where and when (in which omnibus bill Harper stashed this undebated piece of legal excrement) the expansion of the use of Temporary Foreign Workers happened to us.

And we live in a (here I turn aside to politely spit) “democracy.”

The Wachowski brothers, who wrote and directed The Matrix, saw where our world is headed. We viewers were dutifully amused in 1999, but not awakened.

We still lie here dreaming – attached to the apparatus of the Very Very Few – harvested, like the Yoruba in the 17th and 18th centuries, for a few extra “pennyworths” of profit, profit, profit.