A Berber Home

This mum's on maternity leave
This mum’s on maternity leave

We traveled from Marrakech towards the Atlas Mountains, stopping in a Berber home in a village near Marrakech. The lady of the house made tea for us with a dramatic tea pouring technique that is used to aerate the tea and improve its flavour. The family lived on the upper floor of the home that appeared to be built from adobe.

We walked by small stalls in which they kept livestock and then up the stairs to the living area. Outside the living area was a Berber hamam – similarto, but simpler than a four-room Turkish bath. Both involve water and scented hamam soap. Here’s a website if you are curious about it. Their large sitting room easily housed our group of about 20 thirsty tourists. I took some photos from their patio. The money the family made from visits like ours was probably helping to put a daughter through university.

This event was followed by the standard two minute camel ride, which we declined on. Camels do make photogenic subjects, however.