Two Snowy March Breaks


Winter 2014’s been full of snow and there were some flights canceled out of Pearson Airport in Toronto this March Break week. As a winter, this last one kind of takes the cake for persistence and weather-caused drudgery. I cannot remember having to figure out, in sheer desperation, where to put the stuff. I’ve already broken my record for the high snow throw and – because the blessed stuff keeps failing to melt or sublime – each snowfall the record gets higher.

And the cold! The cold!

Our area usually gets some thaws through the winter that cause periodic melting to limit the height of the snow banks beside our short, two car driveway. I think we’ve had close to record total amounts of snow.


But the March Break of 1993 was unforgettable for me. A cyclonic freak that stretched from Central America to Eastern Canada Continue reading “Two Snowy March Breaks”