Brother Sun


Brother Sun has been growing since winter solstice . He greeted me so warmly this morning that I felt good at minus 22 Celsius without a tuque for several minutes! Warmth is winning!


Old Sol and Mommy Earth

This Canadian Gives Thanks:

All, especially those of us who lucked out and were born in the early 40’s and never had to go to war, have plenty to be thankful for. We were around to have kids and maybe marry someone nice. Or not. Our choice.

I do not thank A god for this good fortune. neither do I take any credit for being obedient enough to deserve this special favour. I do, however thank the two gods without whom I, and my species, would not exist: Old Sol and Mommy Earth. Those are the only absolutely necessary “good guys.”

Of course, I can appreciate that they aren’t that smart, like in all-knowing and in punishing us for our sins, which necessitates keeping some sort of ledger. A shrinking few among us would consider them kinda lazy.

They’re laid back. They provide us with solar energy and photosynthesis and don’t ask a lot in return.

So, thanks Old Sol and Mommy Earth. You did good – and still do.

Now it’s up to us to deserve our good fortune. And not by fighting dirty to keep it.

Sun, Snow and Ice

The sun makes a winter walk so much more pleasant. It brings out critters of all kinds and creates beautiful patterns – and thoughts.

A polarizing filter enhances the images. I take my Sony NEX-5N with me most of the time.

The Hottest Star

Crab Nebula

The biggest, bluest, brightest, hottest stars last a thousandth as long as average-sized stars like my yellow friend, Old Sol. They simply burn hotter and therefore burn out much faster. I just wondered if this physical principle might have a parallel in biological, evolutionary science…

I wonder what you think. Please feel free.

Bob Marley and Oneness

The sun rises from its house, Haleakala, on Maui

I have a few of Bob Marley’s songs in my repertoire, but have been listening closely to his music lately for a number of good reasons. Here is something I’ve just realized that stopped me in my tracks:

Don’t Worry I just sang carelessly for a while, getting the words of the first two lines of the verse wrong. Now I realize that I missed a universe of meaning in those two, seemingly simple, lines:

Rise up this morning

Smile with the rising sun

I italicized above the words I was getting wrong. I would sing them:

Woke up this morning

Smile at the rising sun

But how much was missed by not listening carefully enough!

Rise: Bob rose up; he did not simply open his eyes passively and enjoy the sunlight. He stood up and saw his doorstep. He probably walked over to it. This song represents a conscious, deliberate act.

With: Bob smiled with the rising sun. Not an accidental choice of words here, I think. For Bob, the sun was smiling too. The human and the sphere that sustains him were smiling together. They were friendly. Bob didn’t put a distance between him and the sun; I can almost imagine the two of them standing and even taking a drink together. I don’t know what Bob drank, but to me they were sharing a close, almost chummy, moment.

The three little birds also were singing one song – a melody pure and true. They were singing with and for Bob and the Sun.

The message for me: if we realize how ephemeral, illusory and interconnected life is we will not worry, because every little thing gonna be alright.