Idle No More

Frustrated with a lack of consultation on treaty problems and seemingly unilateral federal government decisions on natural resources and the environment, indigenous peoples are suddenly saying they will no longer sit idly by while these things are being pushed through.

We are witnessing a fast-growing, grassroots movement from First Nations people across Canada that is gathering world wide attention. The above quotation is from an article by CBC reporter Waubgeshig Rice that you can find on the CBC website here. In it he interviews Chief Theresa Spence of the Attawapiscat First Nation located in Northern Ontario. They are the James Bay Cree. Rice’s article is very thoughtful. What Chief Spence lacks in articulation she makes up for in guts. She is in day 9 of a hunger strike.

The movement started in Saskatoon and, to give you a good idea what it looks like at its most enthusiastic in a place with good acoustics, here is a YouTube clip from a mall in central Saskatoon today.

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