Which Name Do You Like Best?

Mourner Canadian Monument at Vimy, France
Canadian Monument at Vimy, France

Thinking of focusing my future posts on anything but the shit that’s coming down for H. sapiens.

Convinced now that we, and all of the higher mammals, are on the way out.
A suicidal reality series.
We are both the perpetrators and the final victims of a reality series that isn’t on TV. What’s in the media is just keeping us distracted. Reading Oxfam’s report that 85 individuals have amassed half of the planet’s wealth didn’t help to convince me.
“the 0.00001 per cent”
It’s just one more sign proving what I already know. We’re all-but-locked in a suicidal endgame.
I hated the game, Monopoly, as a young person. Once someone got the best properties the sanest response was to resign but, unlike in chess or in geopolitics, that option wasn’t available.
My huge focus on “What’s Wrong With The World” won’t change the outcome. We bipeds are goners.
And my solo struggle gets me into arguments with those I love who don’t see what I see “through my glass, darkly…”
I feel alone in my circle, most of whose inhabitants either don’t get it or, being quicker than I, have given up and focused on what lowers their blood pressure.
Everybody bitches, but so many of us bite at some thing that immediately affects us personally.
We attack the (many) symptoms and ignore the disease.
I will try very hard to make my future posts about…
nice stuff…
Lyrics and Chords…
Tonglen Meditation…
Hockey scores – well, maybe not…



Fries Or Politics With That?

When an author nails a subtle concept and then distills it into a few sparkling lines, adding humour as a bonus, the moment is magic.

While reading Steven Galloway’s The Cellist of Sarajevo I enjoyed the passage below from pages 82 and 83. Galloway’s book describes life in Sarajevo during the troubles suffered after the fall of the Tito regime in the former Yugoslavia. Sarajevo is in a bowl surrounded by mountains from which snipers and artillery randomly attack its besieged citizens who only walk through the streets if they must – to collect water or perform brave, charitable works in a city whose services and institutions have  broken down. Continue reading “Fries Or Politics With That?”