Will Ontarians NOW Get That FPTP Stinks?

Premier Doug Ford (eeewwww….) can destroy what he wants in Ontario for a minimum of four years, and this tragic development is Ontarians’ (and Canadians’) own fault for being among the very few places on Earth that still use a neanderthal, First Past The Post electoral system.

Now I’m going to gargle and brush my teeth….

Black-billed Cuckoo Sighting

March 31:

Our Easter Sunday present was our first-ever sighting of a black-billed cuckoo. It was seen at about 08:30 h in Brampton as we walked N through the south end of Nuffield Park, just past the little circle with benches where the ladies usually sit and chat in their saris on mornings when the warmer weather comes.

Anita noticed it was not a robin – it was slim and long bodied, slim necked, with a long bill and a beige breast. Perched high in a tree it sang:

cu cu cu – cu cu cu cu – cu cu cu

“I’m a bird – but you know that – don’t you, now”

(My original way of remembering the “cadence of the cu’s”)

I’ve recorded it on the My Birds page.

Happy Easter!

P.S. If I’m wrong, or if you have a more likely fit for what we observed, let me know.

Proroguing, Symptom of an Ailing Democracy

Whatever the reasoning behind Dalton M’s intention to prorogue the Ontario Legislative Assembly, what he is doing is giving credibility to Harper’s cynical and dishonest double use of this procedure.

The next time Harper uses it, he will be able to point to a Liberal who has used it.

In the long run this is a bad thing for Canada.

Proroguing used in the above ways is a symptom that democracy, as a whole, is seriously flawed. It is in danger of flipping into totalitarianism if the decline gets any worse. One important change that would make proroguing impossible would be to throw out our winner-take-all systems in Canada, Britain and the U.S. and replace them with a carefully-crafted form of…

Proportional Representation!