Meanwhile, In Other Sports Scores…

Syncrude Aurora north of Fort McMurray
Syncrude Aurora north of Fort McMurray


From the Treaty 8 Division:

Fort McMurray All-Tars: 6, 500, 000       Athabaska River: 0

Photo courtesy of Elias Schewel on flickr – creative commons licence CC BY-NC-ND

This article courtesy of the CBC.


Panem et Circenses

Joe Canuck's Present Distractions
Joe Canuck’s Present Distractions Surrounded By “Background Noise”

T’was ever thus. When the Olympics end, there’ll be plenty of other circuses. Methinks, however, the bread will diminish…

By the way, feel free to substitute your own national mascot. Joe is mine.

Substitute Corporate Personhood (or the 85 richest men) for Rome.

Will Emperor Harper call an election if Canada continues to do well?? Probably not, he’s made such a dog’s breakfast out of the last couple of years. But I bet his pollsters are busy and his fraudsters are having their hearts shrunk …