Two More Things, Ms. May, SVP

Two more things:
1. I neglected to add that this coalition or merger of Greens, New Democrats and Liberals should move to enact Proportional Representation as soon as possible after election. I’m tired of holding my nose and voting for the candidate with the best chance of preventing a Harper “majority”

2. Parliament is a better place for having your quick brilliance and civil, but fearless, tongue.


Media Concentration in Canada re: The Idle No More Movement

Idle No More folks are now protesting every day at noon in front of the Brampton Guardian offices. My wikipedia-assisted analysis on Print Media Concentration in Canada in 2010 is below. This was done in January 2012 using Wikipedia’s data for the calendar year 2010. I put it on Twitter, but that tweet is long gone by now. This’ll be more permanent, I hope. By the way, the C, I and L labels are mine – not wiki’s. They represent my best guesses which, I suspect, are pretty close.

It shows that two thirds of Canada’s print media are controlled, not by lefties as the National Post would want you to believe, but by righties. In fact, less than one sixth is under liberal oversight. The rest are independents. So divide two thirds (i.e. four sixths) by one sixth and my 50-years-old math shows that four times as much rightie crap is out there as leftie good stuff 😉

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