Spring Birding Resumes (for us) – April 23

These mallards from April 24, 2016 contributed to one of my favourite mood photos

Robins appeared on Feb. 18th!  this year (earliest ever!) in Our Woods, and we had a good day on April 23 when we saw a peewee, looking for it after hearing its “pee-a-wee call.” Also seen, a Baltimore Oriole in flight, the earliest GTA sighting recorded on ebird.ca being in Hamilton that same day. Then there was the usual stuff: our 1st brown creeper, ruby and golden crowned kinglets, and we heard the song sparrow.


Birds ‘n Stuff Page Update

Black-Capped Night Heron - April 22
Black-Capped Night Heron – April 22

My Birds and Stuff page has been updated for 2015-2016 with some photos. The most exciting news is a first ever sighting of the Night Heron for my super spotter and me. It has been here for about 4 days. I snapped it today. For more details, please visit the page.

Mallard Pair sharing a quiet moment in “Our Woods” April 24