A cautionary reflection from 2016 that seems worth remembering today…

Hawai’i Fire Goddess


Tutu Pele came from Tahiti

From the land of Borabora

From the red rainbow of Kane

From the blazing clouds in the sky

From the clouds of Tahiti

Tutu Pele is most active in Hawai’i

Tutu (with dashes over the u’s) in Hawaiian is a term of respect for a woman. It is commonly used by locals in place of “Grandma.” Tutu Pele is the volcano goddess of Hawai’i. She is the most important of the lesser gods. The Hawaiians themselves apparently came from Tahiti to Hawai’i in the 5th C. The navigational skills of the Polynesian sailors were far superior to those of the Spanish explorers who hugged the coastline when they explored the Pacific in the 16th C. The Polynesian Voyaging Society has proven and demonstrated how Poynesians were able to find all their island needles in the  vast Pacific haystack using an encyclopedic knowledge of natural things instead of European instruments. Continue reading “Hawai’i Fire Goddess”