Identity            May 14, 2016

When Pure Greed Meets Temporary Insanity

Can’t think of a more evil way to promote hatred of visible minorities.

Didn’t the Royal Bank of Canada do their homework on this one?

To bring in foreign, temporary workers when it causes significant job losses for Canadians is AGAINST Canadian law. If permitted to happen, this would boil down to be the product of totally amoral corporate greed on the part of RBC and IGATE and blind, laissez-faire capitalism on the part of our so-called political leadership.

As someone who has a permanent interest in how things go for genuine, visible minority, new Canadians and their descendants this is my worst nightmare. It must be stopped by the Harper government. There still appears to be time.

As for the Royal Bank, huge lineups for years in our local mall branch showed me decades ago the lack of respect they have for their customers. No wonder they lost their number one spot. Canadians should flock to other banks and thus punish Royal for even thinking about this criminally insane nonsense.

Cypriot Canaries

Two things to say:

1. The average Greek and Cypriot citizens are the canaries in our financial coal mine.

2. Amoral bankers, robber barons and Greed are the methane.

The news this morning reminded me why I went from being a news junkie to largely tuning out. Item One was on Cyprus. I could have made a huge time-wasting blog out of it. The above two sentences sum it up for me. Look around. Start trying to change things . Please.

I will return here from time to time to post useful links exposing the sources of the methane. Here’s number one:

A blog by Naomi Klein posted on Hellenes that says it better than I could.