Oil and Peace Pipes

A Quaker friend of mine heard from someone who sits on the residential schools Truth & Reconciliation Commission, that when this Commission is over all the documentation about the (still concealed) extent of this travesty will be destroyed by this Government. Gone will be the complete history of murders of child residents by staff and deliberate acts of placing unaffected victims to sleep next to children infected with TB, which qualifies legally to be called “genocide.” How could Harper have faced these marchers, given the intended tragic and farcical cover-up of this evidence and his willing role in it?

The resource extraction-driven Government and the churches that controlled Canada’s residential schools remain the most powerful enemies of the truth about our country’s shameful treatment of First Nations people. Ignorance and smug complacency among Canadian voters must be preserved.

Oil cannot be safely smoked in peace pipes.


Phoney US War On Drugs

The “war on drugs” is being used to allow troops to help local militias in Guatemala terrorize the indigenous to secure areas for mining companies. Déjà vu. The genocide on First Nations continues apace.


Wade Davis on Sacred Geography


We accept it as normal that people who have never been on the land, who have no history or connection to the country, may legally secure the right to come in and (…) leave in their wake a cultural and physical landscape utterly transformed and desecrated

Wade Davis, The Wayfinders, page 118

I’ve posted before about Wade Davis:

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Wade Davis has a unique perspective on the issues brought to the fore in the challenge put to Stephen Harper’s blatantly aggressive attack on Canada’s sacred wilderness and the First Nations way of life.

I recommend this TED talk by way of introduction to his genius and passion.