CBC’s The Myth of the Secular – Parts 5 to 7

In this blog I will summarize parts 5, 6 and 7 of A Sparkling CBC Ideas Series, after outlining parts 3 and 4 of this series on November 21. This will finish the series. My apologies to Craig Calhoun, Rajeev Barghava (Part One) and David Martin (Part Two) for being too distracted during the first two programs to supply a useful summary of their ideas.

Part Five:

Paul Kahn is Professor of Law and the Humanities at Yale. He is also an expert on human rights. Continue reading “CBC’s The Myth of the Secular – Parts 5 to 7”


A Sparkling CBC Ideas Series

Malise Ruthven gives below, I believe, a brilliant explanation of the contradictions that face us as a pluralistic society. Though a skeptic regarding religion, he nevertheless thinks that there is a psychic need within humankind, himself included, for the things that traditional religions can provide even non-believers with. Continue reading “A Sparkling CBC Ideas Series”