A Glass Analogy For Today

There can still be beauty and hope in imperfection
There can still be beauty and hope in imperfection

Our one and only planet is under attack on so many corporate-driven levels. Some results, when we truly reflect on this, are overload, blurring, denial, tune-out, depression, or hopeful, perhaps quixotic, resistance – depending on whether you’re a “glass nine tenths empty or a  glass one tenth full” person.

Woody Guthrie: a Liverpool celebration

Woody Guthrie: a Liverpool celebration.

The above blog is a wonderful “essay” on Woody Guthrie’s life and music. For all of us who love our countries and are saddened by the direction in which events are taking us, Gerry’s reflection is touching and timely.

In it are photos, videos of some of the great songs that Woody wrote,  and comments from some of the greats that he influenced, like Steinbeck and Dylan. This blog has been crafted by a skillful, talented master.

Why and How Things Got This Bad – A Primer

Sharing a moment of solidarity with health care protesters in Barcelona – April 2011

This post is really an eye-catching introduction to an excellent link on the Topsy-like growth of neoliberalism, now a bane of our, possibly short-term, existence.

A history lesson which everyone born after 1970 should read. It is well worth persevering through and reads very simply.