First Nations Treaty Rights – The Last And Best Defence

“Native Peoples’ treaties – our last, best defence…” Pamela Palmater interviewed on Al Jazeera.

My last post after a civil dialogue with bloggers on

So where does it go from here? More of the same colonization (now of all Canadians via punitive trade agreements)? “Whores of wood and drawers of water” to the highest international payer? We don’t put the value added into any of the stuff we dig up, frack with, draw or chop down. That is submitting what traditional First Nations consider our sacred geography to outside forces. That is being colonized. It has been pointed out that, given the sad state of Canadian eco-consciousness, Native treaty rights are the last, best defence against what is happening. Bills (C-38 and C45, especially) are Harper pushing his puppeteers’ weight around for them. Idle No More has given an old cynic like me a smidgeon of hope. It’s about where the movement goes, not who started it. Hope the momentum grows. If Idle No More fizzles like the White Man’s fireworks that momentarily drowned out the native drumming in Brampton on New Years’ Eve, believe me there will be later, more formidable, challenges as more Canucks are roused from their slumber. I’ll give you and or Peggy the last word. Thanks for the civil dialogue.