Leafs Song – A Timely Post for Canada Day

Contest Winners at Pearson Airport in May, 2002
Contest Winners at Pearson Airport in May, 2002

My Leafs Song was written for a contest organized by CBC Radio’s Here and Now connected to the Toronto Maple Leafs Eastern Conference Final Series with the Carolina Hurricanes in May, 2002. My wife is a big Leafs fan. I’m a Montrealer and a Hab fan, but she looked at me in that special way and said, “Please.” Contestants had to sing their song into the phone. Anita held the phone while I strummed and sang into the receiver. Real high tech. Over 300 songwriters participated. Somehow I won. My song was played repeatedly on the radio and I was interviewed by Andy Barrie twice on CBC’s Metro Morning program. After I won CBC needed a CD right away, so my son, Marcus, helped me record it and played tambourine. It was a rushed job but we did it up proud. A CBC producer drove to my place of work and picked it up. I took flak from my Montreal friends and relatives, but it was worth it.

We flew to Raleigh for game 5, which Toronto won 1-0. I was never prouder to be Canadian than when the Toronto fans sang O Canada so loud that they blew the roof off the place. Tucker scored the winner. The photos in the YouTube video are ours.  The tail gate parties before the game were a treat.

We partied after the game with some friends of mine who had driven from Toronto to Raleigh on Friday night for the game.

Then we visited beautiful Raleigh on Sunday.


Panem et Circenses

Joe Canuck's Present Distractions
Joe Canuck’s Present Distractions Surrounded By “Background Noise”

T’was ever thus. When the Olympics end, there’ll be plenty of other circuses. Methinks, however, the bread will diminish…

By the way, feel free to substitute your own national mascot. Joe is mine.

Substitute Corporate Personhood (or the 85 richest men) for Rome.

Will Emperor Harper call an election if Canada continues to do well?? Probably not, he’s made such a dog’s breakfast out of the last couple of years. But I bet his pollsters are busy and his fraudsters are having their hearts shrunk …

Sea Cadet Camp Part 2

Page One
Page One

The Pool Episode: It was on “Dominion Day” in the first week of camp that the brainiacs that ran the place told us we were going swimming at an indoor pool in Sydney. Shows you how tame we Canucks are – still thought of ourselves as a Dominion of the British Empire. Now we still have an English Queen and are a Dominion of, er, you fill in the banks. There are several correct answers…

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Our First Ever Canuck Cycling Grand Tour Champion Today?

Canadian Ryder Hesjedal grinding it out ahead of Joachim Rodriguez of Spain in yesterday’s 20th stage of the Giro d’Italia

This morning, Canadian Ryder Hesjedal is poised to become the first Canadian ever to win a major Grand Tour cycling event, the Giro d’Italia. Tune in to Sportsnet (Channel 99 on Rogers Cable in Toronto) to watch the event. Coverage begins at 9:30 AM here and the last five riders are scheduled to begin their rides at 10:32. Our guy Hesjedal, just 31 seconds behind leaderJoaquin Rodriguez of Spain,  will  start at 10:38 and Rodriguez will start at 10:40 AM. It’ll all be over, except for the pink jersey ceremony, the kisses and the champagne squirtfest at about 11:10 today. Coverage is from 9:30 to 11:30. Each rider is expected to complete his time trial in about 30 minutes.

Hesjedal, only half a minute slower than Joaquin Rodriguez after over 91 hours of cycling, is much better in the individual time trial events. Barring an unexpected incredible time trial performance from Rodriguez of Spain or Thomas De Gendt of Belgium, mechanical problems or a fall, Hesjedal is expected to win. De Gendt is a good time trialler like Hesjedal, but De Gendt is not expected to be able to make up a large differential of 1 minute 47 seconds between his time and Hejedal’s. The other two men in the top five, Michele Scarponi and Ivan Basso of Italy, are not expected to be fast enough to get to the top of the podium.

Today’s final stage is a time trial in Milan, Italy. Today, 157 riders will begin the route at 2 minute intervals, with the last 5 riders being the 5 leaders. The time they take to ride this 21st and last stage will be added to their total time for the previous 20 stages, and the GC (General Classification) winner will be the one with the fastest total time.