The song is called “Something“.

The song was written by George Harrison and appeared on the Beatles’ Abbey Road album released on October 6, 1969. I have just listened to the Beatles’ version and have just made more improvements that appear below in the five chord intro D D C A D (1 beat per chord) and replaced what was an F#m in the first line to a Dmaj7 (DM7) which doesn’t require a bar chord, leads more smoothly to the D7 and the first line can therefore be played D DM7 D7 G, with 4 beats on each chord.

Hope it helps…

After quickly searching for a lead sheet for the song as performed in 1996 here by Shirley Bassey on YouTube I decided to significantly modify what I found.

This lead sheet is the result of my listening to Ms. Bassey’s beautiful rendition and making several important corrections to a lead sheet that I found. These were particularly in the two line bridge beginning with “You’re” and enhancements elsewhere based on what I heard in Bassey’s performance. This arrangement is in D and since Ms. Bassey’s performance was in F, guitarists will need a capo on the third fret when playing along.


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