Covid-19 Nonsense, Five Days Old

A first in over 20 years: shaven and mask-ready!

March 16, 2020

Dearest Niece,
Thank you for thinking of us!
Sorry you couldn’t get through last night. We are thus far without symptoms… but not without crazy shopping stories… which I am saving for my memoirs… or a big party during a lull between pandemics…
Our phone message bank was full. A first for us. Our devices are powered up. My memory, as usual , is sporadic and, at 10% charged, suspect. Auntie  mentioned the PHONE MESSAGES FULL crisis last night and I will immediately see to that. It slipped my “mind.”

If you need to know anything – yes, anything – about COVID-19, Auntie (R.N. and tuned in) is always available and superbly informed with retentive powers at an impressive 98.6%, or is that her Fahrenheit temperature…
We are in good shape and deliciously fed. I can still remember my Tai Chi routine… which helps me tolerate all the new jargon: abuses of the English Language, such as making nouns like “action” into verbs… and oxymorons like “social distancing.” Having 10 provinces and 3 territories in Canada means we have to put up with more of this from more regional officials than  I personally need to hear – and every day…
If you’ll permit me one serious paragraph, it is high time we started making things locally, living much more simply and not clearing the forests in which many of these viruses used to live. We have brought disaster on ourselves and are ill-prepared to meet it smartly. There is a concept called Degrowth that’s been around for decades. This idea is even better in French: Décroissance, which can also be interpreted as Disbelief or To Stop BelievingUnbridled growth is suicide. Here’s a link to an old post of mine on Degrowth.
Thanks for that indulgence! Is there anything you need? Name it, er, no, uh… write it down or leave a phone message in about 10 minutes when the answering machine will have been unclogged.
Though we have some hand sanitizer (no worries) I am working on procuring the materials for hand sanitizer formulations similar to those recommended by the WHO. I had previously tested three Aloe Vera formulas (not among those recommended) and found that now-famous Internet gel to be intolerant when combined with the required amount of isopropyl alcohol. I suspect that Aloe Vera would perform similarly poorly with ethanol, but didn’t have any to try. I have one remaining large leaf in the fridge that is no use to me. Do NOT post this fact on line but you are welcome to visit and collect it. (Subsequent note to readers: IT IS ALREADY GIVEN AWAY!)
If I find more 99% IPA or ethanol do you want me to pick a bottle up for you? I know you have chemical talents.
Hugs and kisses promised As Soon As Prudent,
Uncle Bob

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2 thoughts on “Covid-19 Nonsense, Five Days Old”

    1. Thank you for reading and replying! I enjoyed your wonderful story of family, wartime grace and courage experienced and shown by your grandfather(s) during the Civil War.

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