Hose Me Down, Folks!

Hose Initiation for Hosers

This quick email to my neighbour sent at 7:45 a.m. today:

Before its first use… this new and “improved” hose recommends that it be extended in the sun for several hours as straight as possible with the pressure turned on at the tap. I have done my best. I assumed you wouldn’t mind it extending 6 feet onto your lawn.
Why? So that it will kink as little as possible.
Whatever happened to plain old rubber??
No… I haven’t gone crazy – yet…
The “architect” of this particular hose probably has…
Wish I’d read the fine print…
I’ll put it away at 2 PM.

Author: mytiturk

Travelbug Minstrel: Strum for my supper, croon for my cuppa Search for a sign, write for my whine

3 thoughts on “Hose Me Down, Folks!”

  1. A friend bought a new hose early this spring, and used it to fill her pond. Next day, all her fish were dead. When she read the fine print…the very fine print on the hose, it warned it contained lead and should not be used for human or animal consumption! I’d never heard of such a thing. Thank goodness she didn’t use it to fill her farm tank!

    1. Thanks for your cautionary comment! You’d think the law would protect us better than “very fine print!” I’ve checked out this hose and plan to hook the old rubber one back up because our garden at the moment includes vegetables. Alternet has a good article on the many dangers of hoses.

      BTW I also learned from my neighbour that the pressurized sun technique does help.

      Thanks again!

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