French, and Global, Fascism

Fascism - Webster's 1960 Unabridged
The word fascism as Webster’s defined it in 1960


I love going back to my 1960 giant, two-volume edition of Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary. I picked it up at an auction in 1972. We were mainly there to get inexpensive furnishings for our apartment in Toronto, having just moved here from Cheshire, U.K. Check out the hand-drawn illustration that shows fascism’s Latin root to mean bundle!



Italy seemed to coin the term, fascism; it first appeared with the arrival of Mussolini’s fascisti on the world scene in 1919. A crazy fact: for Mussolini, fascism was a good word. Nazi Germany and Franco’s Falangists were later included in this list of despicable regimes. In 2017 we carelessly throw the word around at anyone we do not like.

Fascism’s Common features in 1960:

  1. One party dictatorship
  2. Forcible suppression of the opposition (unions, other groups)
  3. Private, centralized control of the means of production
  4. Nationalism
  5. Liberal use of wars
  6. Racism


France Today:

By presenting the above list of six characteristics, Webster’s definition made “fascism” a very specific term.

I think that France’s Front National (FN), led by Marine Le Pen qualifies for only two of the above six: nationalism and, particularly hateful for someone like me, married to a black woman, racism.

The FN does not propose forcible suppression of, for example, trade unions. In fact, it seems to be in favour of the little citizen with, until recently, a fervent, detestable preference for little white citizens.

Not many governments on this planet today, including France, could claim national control/ownership of their own means of production.

And the FN seems to be inclined not to favour the liberal use of wars. Marine Le Pen, in fact, would have tried to take France out of NATO if its belligerent policies could not be modified. I’ve been intensely watching the accelerating military buildup around Russia’s borders by NATO countries, including, I’m ashamed to say, my country of Canada. If any group appears to desire the “liberal use of wars” it must be the expanding international group of NATO countries. Yet we are told by a pan-western, totally captive, mainstream media that we are preparing for Russian “aggression.” Docile and deferent to the US State Department, this uncritical slavishness makes NATO the most dangerous military coalition in the history of the world.

And, of wars waged by the US and/or a US-led coalition of docile allies since WW II, what working-class citizen of which of the following countries would claim to be better off for having US, UN or NATO interference in their affairs: Vietnam, Cuba, Chile, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Bosnia, Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Honduras, Brazil, Venezuela? And this is an incomplete list.

Obama’s choice for France was the victorious Emmanuel Macron, a Rothschild banker who is totally a NATO-supporting tool of the tiny number of uber-oligarchs who, for the purpose of growing their families’ obscene fortunes, control the planet via an unprecedented two-pronged dominance:

  1. The military might of Earth’s only superpower.
  2. The total control of the best of mainstream media on the war story, currently what I call the Blame Russia Chorus.

International nation-paralyzing trade deals like the TPP are a third part of this truly awesome super-structure of world dominance by the very very few. These deals were cobbled over years in secrecy at the G-7 and G-20 meetings by global corporations who are the means by which the uber-olicarchs are seizing control of not only the means of production, but our very ability to see what is happening, let alone do something about it.


Let’s Apply The 6 Points To The Winner,  Globalization:

So let’s see how well the current system of corporate world governance, AKA “Unfettered Capitalism,” of which the classy Emmanuel Macron, President-Elect of France is an abject worshipper, fits the 1960 fascism definition:

  1. One party dictatorship? More a tiny, international cadre of the uber-wealthy. Check.
  2. Suppression of unions? It’s been going on for decades. Check.
  3. Private control of the means of production? Control of that and, more importantly, via the lapdog MSM, our very ability to think, à la Nineteen-Eighty-Four. Check.
  4. Nationalism? No “nation” or single person any more calls the shots. Nationalism is a blood word. One used to manipulate a suffering population when convenient. In this respect Le Pen is both perpetrator and, perhaps to a lesser extent, victim. No check, no need.
  5. Liberal use of wars? Check.
  6. Racism? Not overt, but take a look at how many white people have been victimized in the above, shortened list of countries who fell victim since WW II to the American zeal, so hypocritical at the White House since Kennedy, who at least seemed to try, to “make the world a better place.” And as for Africa, do not get me started. One word: Rwanda. One ratio: 85,000:1. I have Canadian General Roméo Dallaire’s book, Shake Hands With The Devil, in which that “macabre,” unforgettable ratio appears on page 499. A shared, unspoken, value of the current group of militarily-allied nations: foreign, mostly non-white lives matter SO much less than keeping the hegemonic ball rolling. Check, and, I believe, Mate.

I am no fan of Marine Le Pen. But the choice facing French electors on May 7 was diabolique. No wonder 1/3 of voters who cast ballots refused to choose.

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