Still Waiting, Ms. Barton…

The hopeful email below, sent last Friday at 9:23 AM to a very bright CBC host reporter on the daily CBC TV program Power and Politics, has not yet been acknowledged as received:


Dear Ms. Rosemary Barton
CBC Power and Politics Host

Please do me the kind favour of acknowledging that you have received this communication and have read it. At the top of page two I recommend two distinguished American investigative reporters for you to interview as soon as you can, and in some depth. I am 72 now and fear desperately for the future of my children and grandchildren.

This was laboriously typed yesterday and appears dangerously close to being too late, in view of the deliberate US missile strike on a Syrian base.

I write because I trust you more than anyone else at the CBC and have some major concerns about mainstream Western media’s coverage of several issues related to Russia – including the recent news about the sarin-related deaths in Idlib, Syria. The MSM are blaming it on Bashar Assad. This blame is an essential component in what seems like an attempt to resurrect the US plan to depose Assad soon, for many reasons – none of them related to his ruthlessness.

US interference in the leaders chosen by the Syrian people goes back to 1949 – Syria then being the victim of the fledgling CIA’s first ever “soft” coup. That selfish interference existed regularly for decades before the Assads, has become intense and horrendous since, and will further continue when they are gone. My major concerns are for the millions of dead, wounded and displaced Syrians and to prevent a devastating war with Russia.

There are other possible explanations for the Idlib horror that, it seems systematically, are being ignored by the MSM. The MSM seem to have chosen to be part of a myriad of knee-jerk, blind, relentless blaming of Russia and/or its allies for anything and everything that can be sold to naïve Western consumers of mainstream media.

This blame is the foundation of a reckless policy to weaken and ruin Russia as a possible threat to US supremacy “for all time.” The policy of premeditated, relentless attacks on Russia became very clear to me at the beginning of 2014 with the overthrow of Ukraine’s elected leader, Victor Yanukovich. Many tragic events have since occurred. All events are explained slavishly by the Western MSM as being Russia’s fault. The other side is not given any decent attention, forcing a sophisticated citizen to use alternative media on the Internet.

Back to Syria and sarin-gas “stories”:

Another sarin-gas attack (this one near Damascus) occurred in August 2013. Although Assad’s regime was conveniently blamed for the attack, and still is by the MSM, Seymour Hersh showed it to be much more likely that the sarin-gas attack was the work of extremist anti-Assad terrorists. Possibly a false flag operation. Fortunately, Vladimir Putin quickly convinced Barrack Obama that removing ISIL from Syria would be impossible if the Assad government were eliminated. This was very fortunate, because Hersh’s exposé did not come until later – 2015, I believe.

The visual horrors of Idlib’s children are being used in a one-sided MSM sensational TV treatment to convince Canadians and other Western populations to allow the Americans to achieve their imperial goals for Syria.

The big picture of what the U.S. goals are in Syria and the Middle East is complex but well explained by a news source called, run by Robert Parry, one of the key investigative reporters who exposed Ronald Reagan’s Iran-Contra scandal in the 1980’s. As recently as 2015 Mr. Parry won Harvard University’s I.F. Stone Medal for independent journalism. His long-time independent website includes contributions from many excellent writers, including Ray McGovern, a long-serving CIA employee who has written many insightful criticisms of the institution since he retired.

Do not be misled by the U.S. including this excellent news source in its “Fake News Perpetrator” list.


I am sending you this recent article from Robert Parry:

and one from Ray McGovern from December:

It is my appeal to you, Ms. Barton, to promote at the CBC an urgent and proper in-depth study of the extent to which what I call the Blame Russia Chorus is being used to achieve a devastating weakening of Russia in particular. It is a very dangerous situation that could start WW III.

I have, very sadly, all but given up on CBC TV as an unbiased news source on major issues where the U.S. wants one story only. A CBC investigation into this would be a big start toward renewing my respect for an institution I have treasured for almost 5 decades, going back to Joe Coté on CBC’s Toronto morning show. (I stopped listening after Andy Barrie left.)

My minimum hope is that you will interview one or both of these distinguished gentlemen in some depth on your program, and with much urgency. This would be a very important start.

Kindly please let me know when you are doing it so that I don’t miss it.

By the way, a few CBC Radio programs like the great Eleanor Wachtel’s Writers and Company and Paul Kennedy’s Ideas, intellectual oxygen for me, still rock.



So far, nothing…

Late Friday afternoon I watched Ms. Barton interview three predictably anti-Russia people, all of whom supported the illegal US cruise missile attack. This meant that they, blindly or cynically, accepted the unproven line that Assad’s military used sarin gas against his own people – an act that would be insane, since it could only hurt Assad, as is now patently obvious.

Ms. Barton, usually fearless and accurate in challenging a person who is making inaccurate statements, did not challenge, and thus appeared to accept the US story.

It is disappointing to see our once-distinguished Public Broadcaster not doing its job. Just part of the Blame Russia Chorus along with the BBC, NPR, CNN, NBC, CBS and virtually all of the Western print media, including the UK’s Guardian and Times, the New York Times, the Washington Post etc. etc.

Russia’s involved in Syria because it has been invited by the Syrian Government. Only after Russia became involved has progress been made in fighting the Islamic State. The US, uninvited, illegal, but oh so omnipotent, has been a huge part of the inhuman Syrian tragedy.

The US cruise missile attack, in a sane world, would be immediately seen as an act of war. 

So come on, please, Ms. Barton. Make me want to watch CBC TV again. Right now it’s bad for my health.

June 17: Guess there is no reply coming anytime soon. So much for Canada’s public broadcaster… Just part of the big, dirty game that threatens our planetary future.


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