Newfoundland 2005.2: Bonavista & Trinity

11 Leaving Trinity
Leaving Trinity Bight
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Tuesday, July 19

Pouch Cove – Unique Newfie Kindness:

Left St. John’s very early, taking a small detour for breakfast to Pouch Cove because our seat mate on the plane from Toronto was from there and recommended a local dish at a certain restaurant: neeps and tatties – (turnips or swede and mashed potatoes) a favourite with haggis in Scotland. We couldn’t find the place, so we stood on the shore and, while my camera had a light snack, a couple were walking a collie mix (named Simba) down the hill to our left. They told us that the restaurant had been closed all summer. Then, blow me down, they invited us to their place for sausage and eggs! We had breakfast and talked for a fascinating while, about parts of Canada, athletics & more.

Cape Bonavista and Trinity:

After this special encounter we drove west off the Avalon Peninsula to Cape Bonavista, passing through Trinity, where we would return to register at Sherwood Suites in nearby Port Rexton for two nights. We visited Cape Bonavista’s lighthouse museum and then, near the centre of town, another brilliant museum, the Matthew Legacy, where the story of the Venetian explorer, Giovanni Caboto (John Cabot), whom Henry VII of England paid to discover this land, is poignantly described and the museum’s high building houses a beautiful replica of his ship – when it is not on the water.  The ship is called The Matthew – was this guy Venetian or not! After supper that night we went to Trinity’s Parish Hall, where we saw Therese’s Creed performed by Donna Butt, Order of Canada, who is the woman responsible for the Rising Tide Theatre, the theatre company that also produces the wonderful Trinity Pageant.

Wednesday, July 20

The Amazing Trinity Pageant

Visited Trinity and, at 2 P.M., took in the not-to-be-missed Rising Tide Theatre’s Trinity Pageant. Cautions: it doesn’t start until July. And always check performance times. This show reenacts scenes of Trinity’s history in spots all over the town. The Pageant produces 10 scenes in places like Green Point, Harvey’s Cove and St. Paul’s Church; patrons simply walk from one place to another to watch each scene. Then, after a lobster supper by the water we drove/walked around Trinity during which my ravenous camera got its supper.


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3 thoughts on “Newfoundland 2005.2: Bonavista & Trinity”

    1. So good we went back again in 2014 with two friends who’d never been. They had to go in June, so we missed Trinity Pageant. The bonuses were ice bergs – and we added Fogo Island and did the Tablelands incredible geology and flora justice. Different folks, same charm. Thanks for visiting!

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