The Scary Big Picture

It increasingly appears that the US, facing eventual economic decline, is desperate to consolidate its One Superpower Forever role, no matter what misery has to be inflicted on the rest of the world to do it.

Trade Deals, such as the TPP, with Investor-State Dispute Settlement Agreements (ISDS agreements) that allow corporations to sue governments, are one aspect of the American hegemony’s struggle. These have been encountering some difficulty in being ratified. And Donald Trump has threatened to tear up NAFTA, a trade agreement that already favours the U.S.A. over Canada. NAFTA’s  ISDS agreement section is Chapter 11. Google that to see that the U.S.A. has never lost one of these dispute settlements.

World-Wide Military Goals:

There are three main military aspects to the ugly struggle to stay on top:

  1. NATO: This European military tool, NATO, disguised as an international alliance of willing, like-minded states.
  2. Levant: In their exploitation of the Levant the US partners with Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel and jihadists it arms.
  3. Its Pivot to Asia, which I will not address here.

Uncle Sam seems to me to be preparing for all-out war to consolidate its hold on the planet. I shall discuss NATO first.

NATO: First, let me mention an article called NATO Aggression: Is There A Way OUT? by Christopher Black, an international lawyer based in Toronto. Published in the journal New Eastern Outlook, it uses great economy of words to shed new light on the macabre, complicated entirety of the NATO situation, down to the besieged tiny Balkan principality of Kaliningrad and the Machiavellian manipulation of Serbia. This explains the aggressive, US-controlled military buildups and unprecedented deluge of anti-Russian mainstream media propaganda, eclipsing World Wars One and Two in its relentless, ubiquitous vehemence.

Here a tongue-in-cheek photo that demonstrates something most people on the planet, except for those in NATO countries already know.

The Levant: My previous post on Robert Parry’s analysis of the Syrian conflict explains the key roles of Saudi Arabia and the other above-mentioned states in securing the ascendence of pro-US Sunni states over Shia Crescent states in the Middle East. This is the best most succinct article I have ever read on the ugly, tragic manipulation of Syria.

And Is/Was Canada Bombing Syria?: Christopher Black in his NATO Aggression article on the possible Canadian bombing of Syria:

This writer just received a letter from the Canadian Minister of Defence in response to a query about the legality of Canada’s bombing of Syria to which he attached a letter from the Canadian ambassador to the President of the Security Council of the United Nations. The letter is revealing. It attempts to justify Canada’s participation in the aggression against Syria. It states in part, that the United States and Canada are bombing Syria because

“…. States must be able to act in self-defence when the Government of the State where a threat is located is unwilling or unable to prevent attacks emanating from its territory.”

Of course ISIS poses no threat to Canada, though they claim it. But more importantly, the government of Syria and its allies are demonstrably, forcefully and effectively willing and able to prevent such attacks. But the successes and victories of the Syrian government the past months since Russia became actively engaged in Syria are completely ignored.

The letter ends with an even more telling statement;

“Canada’s military actions against ISIL in Syria…. are not aimed at the Syrian people, nor do they entail support for the Syrian regime.”

The use of the word “regime” is always an indicator that those bombing a country want to overthrow that “regime”

This explains, for me, Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s replacement of the Honourable Stéphane Dion as Minister of Foreign Affairs with the pro-Ukraine, anti-Putin Chrystia Freeland, banned by Putin from traveling to Russia since 2014, in yesterday’s cabinet shuffle.

A Spy Coup?

And it brings to light another, potentially brilliant, speculation of Robert Parry’s in his article of December 18, A Spy Coup In America? In it, Parry assumes that the CIA/FBI and War Machine were not happy with Hillary Clinton as President, so they tweaked things with statements from the FBI and accurate Podesta emails from Wikileaks to cause Donald Trump to be elected AND that he was aided so that he could be a PEOTUS that could be justifiably prevented from taking office because of his childish instability. Parry thought that the removal of Trump might occur at the Electoral College vote, but he survived that.


But the extraordinary, hyperbolic use of anti-Russian propaganda and the news of tanks and US/NATO troops rolling on trains through Germany and Poland to the Russian border and the recent outré “bombshell” (good, military word) stuff on Golden Showers blackmail (a possible ruse, but all serving the “cause”) are enough to make me go “Hmmmm….” The question still remains regarding who will replace Trump. Obama is one possiblity.


Best Case Scenario: The sabre rattling is just that – an attempt to demonize Russia, with Putin kept aware, long enough to bring everyone, even the US left-wingers, on side with Trump’s removal. Parry’s original reason for the CIA/FBI tricks is that they consider HRC to be too hawkish. Now that’s a rosier picture than most of us would appreciate, but quien sabe?


Worst Case: World War(s) are coming, and coming fast. I like to hope it’s the Best Case Scenario, or something at least 50% sane…

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2 thoughts on “The Scary Big Picture”

  1. Sobering discussion, Bob. The unrelenting media vilification of Trump and attempts to peddle the Russian hacking lie support the assertion that there is a concerted effort being made to justify war. Interestingly, many people don’t seem to be listening because they’re more concerned with threats to healthcare. I hope sanity reigns (and reins).

    1. Perceptive, as always, Carol. (Someone I follow on Twitter wondered, showing #Obama drying a tear at his brilliantly executed farewell speech, whether his Nobel Peace prize should have been an Oscar. ) Chilling to watch the manipulation of your electorate, and those of Canada and Europe, into projecting the problems and responsibility away from NATO. Considering Canada’s location under two potential missile trajectories, I’ll add another homonym to your clever “reign, rein” pair: the, for me sobering one, “rain.” The occasional chuckle produced by Twitter’s sarcasm is small comfort. Solidarity among those of us who “get it” is a bigger one. David Suzuki recently said, from his lofty environmental perch, something like “We’re all on a huge bus speeding toward a brick wall, and we’re arguing over where we will sit.” You can flee to Canada; I’m moving my bus seat to New Zealand 😉

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