JIT: Dutch-“Led”, Ukraine-Fed

July 28 – Without real evidence (Ukraine Air-Traffic-Control records, black box contents unrevealed kept secret though in British possession, pilot autopsy results, Ukraine radar, USA satellite info they claim that they had but have never made public in the 26 months since MH17 was shot down) the Dutch-“led” JIT blamed Russia for the MH17 tragedy. Ukraine, one of the suspects, who has a veto over any statement the JIT makes, got to supply the JIT with most of the “data”: hand-picked, doubtful, imprecise voice intercepts and social media posts. Ukraine data came from their intelligence service, the SBU. The same SBU accused by the United Nations of torture and threats/attacks on families of people they don’t like. Same old same old from Elliot Higgins website, bellingcat.com. The same Higgins who was proven false when he trumpeted that Assad of Syria used chemical weapons (it was a false flag by the USA-financed “rebels” and jihadists), and whose MH17 claims (of smoke trails and misplaced Buks) have been shot down themselves repeatedly. Some have been deliberate fakes!

The above and the following quote come from Robert Parry’s September 28 article:

There’s also the dog-not-barking mystery of the curious silence from the U.S. intelligence community. Although Secretary of State John Kerry claimed to know the firing location immediately after the shootdown, the U.S. government went silent after CIA analysts had time to evaluate U.S. satellite, electronic and other intelligence data.

July 29 – The Official and Implausible MH17 Scenario, is the second article in two days on the JIT report made by the brilliant, highly respected Robert Parry. Parry begins by pointing out the complicated, highly visible route the “Russian Buk truck” was described as taking when a much more direct and secluded route was available to them:

To accept the JIT’s narrative, you have to swallow a large dose of credulity, plus assume that the Russians are extremely incompetent, so incompetent that they would send a highly secret operation on a wild ride across the eastern Ukrainian countryside, ignoring easy routes to the target location (only about 70 miles from the Russian border) in favor of a route more than twice as long (about 150 miles) while passing through heavily populated areas where the convoy could be easily photographed.

Parry also points out that the intercepted conversations used by the JIT, if accurate, show how porous was the ‘border” between Kiev-dominated Ukraine and the area held by those Ukrainian “democrats” who wanted nothing to do with a Kiev-dominated Western Ukraine (aka the “pro-Russian rebels”). I add here that Western Ukraine was produced by a violent, criminally-manipulated USA coup d’état in February, 2014. So even if a missile came from the Donetz/Lugansk “rebel-held” area, it could have been a Ukrainian Buk, according to Parry.

But raw Russian radar evidence (presented two days before the September 28 Dutch JIT report and ignored by Western MSM until it could be placed in a small paragraph at the end of the preferred news story on the farcical JIT results) shows that no Buk missile was even fired from “rebel-held” territory on July 17, 2014!

I have been studying MH17 for over two years now. This recent JIT production simply confirms for me that the JIT is a very scary example of how widespread, universal and tinderbox dangerous the American regime change propaganda juggernaut is.



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