An Apology for Absence

This precious distraction from my canvassing is 423 km away...
This precious distraction from my canvassing is 423 km away…

I must apologize for not being very present on my blog lately. Been wrapped up in working in two ridings in two different roles to replace Stephen Harper’s corrupt, dictatorial, majority government with a minority government of Everybody But Harper.

Just back from a Monday to Friday trip to see the above damsel, I watched the debate on TVA Montreal en français hier soir.

Gilles Duceppe of the separatist Bloc Québecois is the real spoiler in this one. I am wishing with fingers crossed and eyes/ears wide open for a coalition government that brings in proportional representation. This will be the parliament in which Canadians will show whether we have the potential to mature as a real democracy. During the campaign, which ends on October 19, with the Canadian federal election, Harper will use the Bloc to scare the bejesus out of voters about coalition government like he did in 08. Hope Justin Trudeau steps up and goes for a truly proportional system. I trust Tom Mulcair and Elizabeth May to support Proportional Representation, but if Trudeau sniffs a majority in 201? he may not cooperate.

Even more scared that Harper will somehow get a majority (not likely, but possible…) or, with a weaker plurality, avoid recalling parliament for a few months while he finishes dismantling “my Canada” in the true dictatorial style to which we’ve become accustomed.

Anyway, I’ll be back blogging on October 20, if not before. Meanwhile thanks for visiting, following and liking.


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