War On…


‘Tis craggy madness to think

That bombing is the cure

And not terrorism’s root


Author: mytiturk

Travelbug Minstrel: Strum for my supper, croon for my cuppa Search for a sign, write for my whine

10 thoughts on “War On…”

  1. It’s even more maddening to consider that inciting rather than preventing terrorism may be the goal.

  2. MytiTurk, this is an amazing poem. Since I saw it yesterday, I have kept it open in a tab – because I wanted to ask you…

    May I have your permission to make a pic-quote out of this image and verse? (Something like this: http://awareandfair.com/?s=robin+williams .)

    If yes, are the words by you (or someone else)? Is the image yours (or should it be credited, or is it free to use)? The image would also contain your name and site address. Of course, I’d send you the finished image.

    You could post it, or replace what you have here. I’d then like to re-blog it to Aware & Fair.

    You might get a little extra traffic. I hear that people like to share images. 🙂

    OR – do it yourself. This post from Elegant themes is helpful: http://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/resources/how-to-create-your-own-images-for-wordpress-posts.

    Please let me know what you think. JoAnn

    1. Hi JoAnn,

      Wow thanks for taking the time to let me know you really like this poem and would like to put it together like the lovely Robin Williams piece. The photo and the haiku are my original work. All photos and poems on my site are mine unless credited to another source. Feel free to use the photo and the poem together in the manner you explained. I would like to be credited with a CC BY-NC Creative Commons non-commercial license as Bob Turcotte and would be happy if you refer to my website. The photo was selected before the poem was finished and I worked for a bit of a while before finding the adjective, craggy, which ties the visual image nicely to the poetry. The ambiguity in the title allows for at least two valid interpretations. None of the above were “planned.” Sometimes even this Bob Newhart monkey comes up with a lucky line or two…

      1. Bob, pic-quote is done. If you don’t mind giving your email address, I’ll send it to you as an attachment. Send it to me through my contact page for security – http://awareandfair.com/contact/ .

        Regarding the cc – maybe put that in the caption area of the image when you post it? If people share your photo, they will probably not bother with it, but that’s why it’s good to have your name and website in the photo.


      2. Haven’t seen the pic quote. ?? BTW, I won’t add the CC to the image; that would detract from the impact. Don’t want to over complicate things, the credit is good enough.

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