My MH17 Lesson: We Don’t Want To Know

We peasants of the “free world” have totally surrendered.

We no longer care to know what is happening, and essentially have said to our sloppily elected “leaders,” who are the minions of the Very Very Few:

Pick our enemies for us.

Scuttle them by whatever murderous and evil ways you can.

Keep us safe and “prosperous.”

Just do it!


Go for it.

Blanket media censorship?


Paramilitary thugs?


Black ops?

Of course.

Displacement, enslavement and bombing of innocent foreigners?


Destruction of the biosphere?

If you/we must.

Anything, now, back to my toys.

After following MH17 politics for six months and devoting many of my best hours to trying to guess at, and point out, more alternatives  to the Western mainstream version of the “truth”, the penny described in the above “dialogue” finally dropped.

And the decay is not just among the typical couch potato. It exists, to differing degrees, among people who, in their youth, cared for justice and peace. They are not presented with all sides when they open a newspaper or turn on the radio or TV.

Even some of the best among us have tuned out.


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3 thoughts on “My MH17 Lesson: We Don’t Want To Know”

  1. “Can you even imagine the US tolerating a situation in which Russians aid and abet a coup d’état in Canada or Mexico and then send troops and money across the Atlantic to aid this new regime that, say, was violently suppressing “ethnic” American freedom-fighters? ”

    Actually, I was counting on Russia to (sort of) do just that to prevent the now-inevitable collapse of the Latin American alliance that was beginning to show the US some real muscle: starting with what had been a real, sustained protection of Venezuela, resistence to NAFTA-type thuggery and America’s direct involvement in the drug trade. Cuba, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, even- I dared to dream – Mexico (!) When one considers the blood baths of the fascist military regimes a la Pinochet that we’ve initiated and propped up throughout what the US has long considered its hemisphere (125 years?) it’s hard to believe that Russian might has been so swiftly withdrawn, The timing of the diplomatic changes w Cuba leave me completely cynical. Obviously, a Russian defense would have come via Cuba – and I’m left unable to determine whether Russia sold out, or if Fidel finally did.
    Ukranian nationalism has always been a thin, shrill cover for a deeply rooted anti-Semitic based fascism. One of its VERY first official acts upon being unleashed from Soviet control was to pardon all of it convicted Nazi war criminals! It just couldn’t wait.
    “Oh boy,”I thought, ” Here we go. Sometimes there’s just nothing you need like the Red Army.”
    Without Russia’s determined and, yes. agressive resistence to balance US power, we are all really in for it.

    I think I answered two posts here.
    Thanks for saying what no one in the West has the guts to say. The cheap trick of conflating communism with Stalinism has got to go!

    I’m your fan,

  2. Wow! You are right; the list is incredibly long. I was naive when I went to Trinidad to teach Chem & Math in 1965. From 1965 to 1967 I never locked my door there. By the end of my two year stint there I was aware of the dirty electoral tricks pulled by the UK/US to oust Cheddi Jagan from power in Guyana ca. 1967. You are so right about the US ‘back yard” – our hemisphere. Think we all know that many Nazis who “escaped” US custody after WW II ended up running security in Central and South America for the American-dominated regimes. Many countries, among them El Salvador and Nicaraugua, could be added to our list. Then you have the School of the Americas. American culture TV shows have, since the 60’s, showed Trinis slick lifestyles that could only make them – sadly, innocently – envious. People started growing marijuana in the bush and by the 80’s the harder drugs had entered the picture via Venezuela and crime was very serious.
    On the depressing topic of the “future,” I am amazed to see the incredible economic control still held by the American dollar. I thought the pornographic debt racked up by GWB would have made trouble for the dollar by now. Watching the market go higher and higher under these current psychedelic, bellicose, monetary times has made my jaw drop. Canada, with our dirty oil dependent economy, has seen our dollar plummet relative to the iridescent greenback. It all hangs on the US dollar remaining the one and only currency in which oil is traded. Many crimes, disasters, regime changes and false flags, I suspect, have been and are are yet to be committed in the petrodollar’s defence against those who would dare even to talk about trading it in some other way: Iraq, Iran, China, Russia… It is worshipped above all else, including the future of the biosphere. It’s almost as if Jesus said, “Good followers of mine, do not worry about the AIR, let alone the birds of the air, for I have prepared a place for you in Heaven when all the shit comes down.”

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