MH17 – A Curious Lack of Curiosity

A Ukrainian-Canadian monitor with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), who arrived at the scene while the MH17 plane’s wreckage was still smoking and stayed to help organize, described evidence of seeming machine gun fire  and none of a ground-to-air missile attack.

He did so in a CBC interview with Susan Ormiston aired July 29. Ormiston asked him directly about evidence of a missile attack. Michael Bociurkiw’s response  lasts from 6:01 t0 6:40 in this 8-minute video. I quote his response verbatim:

There have been two or three pieces of fuselage that have been really pock marked. It almost looks like machine gun fire – very very strong machine gun fire that has left these unique marks that we haven’t seen anywhere else. We’ve also been asked for example, have we seen any examples of missile – well, no we haven’t. That’s the answer. And even if it was there we don’t have those trained eyes to pick that up…

Judging by the way the video was edited, Ormiston’s crew were interested in continuing to present this horrible tragedy in a way that would cause public outrage and continue to fuel the fires of hatred of Putin’s Russia. Shoes, childrens’ books, toys, notes-to-self, travel guides etc. etc…. This they probably succeeded in achieving.

Ironically, however, the video also shows – in the short statement by Michael Bociurkiw on “machine gun” evidence – that there may be some truth to the theory that MH17 was brought down by one or two Ukrainian fighter jets.

Eric Zuesse of is adamant that the evidence is compelling in this article in which he supplies links to the CBC interview and to the reconstruction of the event put together by retired Lufthansa pilot Peter Haisenko. Hasienko uses detailed photographs taken shortly after the crash.

Zuesse’s and Hasienko’s research and arguments are detailed and deserve to be examined by any intelligent skeptic of world affairs.

Even if one distrusts the objectivity of Eric Zuesse and Peter Hasienko, the remarks of the Michael Bociurkiw on this CBC interview at least bear some checking out. But, given the realpolitik and resulting unison of the Western media in their Blame Russia chorus, it may be some years before the real story comes out. In view of the past US history of lies, clandestine interference and obfuscation – Iran-Contra Affair, Iraq’s WMD, El Salvador, the lies associated with the 1988 shooting down of 290 passengers on Iran 655 (to name but a few examples of a consistently duplistic  approach) –  I’m not holding my breath. I get angry just watching the US-EU script being played over and over and… I simply question everything I see on the mainstream media now, and the stakes are getting much, much higher in the competition for the diminishing resources on our ruined planet.

Note: see my continued study of this issue on this later post.

I hope to live long enough to see this one resolved properly, whatever the outcome.


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