An Incomplete List of Crimes (and Lies) “Demon Putin” Never Perpetrated

Watching my once-precious CBC (Canada’s budget-browbeaten public broadcaster) line up with CNN and Fox on the “disproportionate evil” of Vladimir Putin compared to Obama or Cheney or Bush or Clinton or Truman or Reagan or Cameron or Harper… or… makes me want to spit.

Instead, this more venomous response:

2014: The Latest Exposed Lie

We do not torture.

About Hiroshima:

1945: Here, just three lies listed by John Pilger – there were more. There are always more…

1. “No radioactivity in Hiroshima ruin” said the front page of the New York Times

2. The atomic bomb was dropped “to end the war in the Pacific and save lives.”

3. Prior to bombing Hiroshima “the Japanese were not suing for peace.”

About Iran:

1953 – 2013 – The CIA was “not involved” in the coup that put the Shah in power. Took 60 years for them to ‘fess up.

1980: USS Vincennes shoots down an Iranian passenger Airbus 300 – Iran Air Flight 655. There were 290 deaths – sound familiar? The US lied about their carrier being in Iranian waters and that they mistook an Airbus for a jet fighter 1/3 the size. Commanding Officer Captain William C. Rogers III was decorated in 1982.

1985-1987: Iran Contra Affair – see Nicaragua below.

2005-Present: G.W. Bush authorized “black ops” against the government of Iran. They appear to finance and assist terrorist groups trying to destabilize Iran.

About Guatemala:

1954: The CIA was “not behind” the overthrow of the democratically elected government of Guatemala led by Jacobo Árbenz

About Viet Nam:

1963: Ngô Đình Diệm, staunch, Catholic, anti-communist supported by the US, struggled with buddhists burning themselves in protest. The CIA financed his assasination and promised not to protect their former puppet.

About Brazil:

1964: U.S. Ambassador to Brazil played a major role in support of the coup against left-wing President João Goulart

About Congo:

1965: US CIA and Belgian forces help Joe Mobutu gain power against left-leaning Lumumba, proving again that business will tolerate supreme cruelty in their puppets for decades. Mobutu’s reign of profitable terror lasted for 32 years.

About Chile:

1973: Chile President Allende, democratically elected socialist, was the victim of a coup. Major players, if memory serves: The Chicago School of Economics, AT&T, CIA

About Australia – yes, Australia!

1975: Democratically elected lefty Prime Minister Gough Whitlam was removed from office, as a result of CIA and MI6 machinations, by the Queen’s man (and the CIA’s, as it turned out) Governor General, Sir John Kerr under some “archaic, vice-regal “reserve powers”. Suspecting that he was being spied on, he threatened to kick out Pine Gap, – the U.S. huge spy data collecting centre near Alice Springs that Edward Snowden revealed is still there spying on everybody – if it was ever used against Australia or him. Pine Gap’s presence was alluded to by our tour guide when we visited Alice Springs in 2008.

About Afghanistan:

1978-1989: US covert operations costing billions support guerrilla mujahideen (sounds like terrorists to me) against pro-Russian regime in Afghanistan, proving that (well, blow me down!) one side’s “terrorist” is an opponent’s “freedom fighter.” Many consider this financial support for the mujahideen to have been responsible for the success of al-Qaeda.

About Nicaragua:

1981-1990: The cruel, business-friendly, 43-year long Somoza dynasty came to an end in 1979, when the left-wing Sandinistas FSLN took power and Daniel Ortega became president. The Sandinistas program strove for mass literacy, improved health care and gender equality – all three of these goals being so evil that the moneyed class wanted them gone. This was eventually achieved in 1990. A right-wing militia called the Contras was trained by the CIA and President Reagan secretly allowed the extremely profitable sale of arms to – go figure – current “axis of evil” Iran! Circumventing an embargo, btw. The profits helped to fund the Contra, ahem, “freedom fighters.” It became a major US political scandal. Reaganesque, for sure.

About Iraq:

1. 2002: Iraq “tried to buy nuclear material from Niger.” See Niger Uranium forgeries on Wiki

2. 2002-2003: Saddam Hussein “still possessed large hidden stockpiles of WMD…”

About Venezuela:

2002: A likely CIA-assisted coup to oust Hugo Chávez failed, due to massive public support for a democratically elected President and loyal military people.

About Haiti:

2004: Jean-Bertrand Aristide ousted from power and replaced with a President shipped from the USA.

1915-1986: Haiti was occupied by the USA from 1915 to 1934 and then controlled by business-friendly dictatorships tolerated by the USA, the best known being the oppressive Duvalier dynasty of Papa Doc and Baby Doc from 1957 to 1986. Whenever anyone criticizes Cuba’s Castros I point out how oppressive both regimes were in the period up to Fidel’s rise to power and ask the detractors to compare them now for any social welfare factor they choose. Haiti is still essentially under USA control and ravaged by poverty. Cuba leads the world in literacy and low infant mortality, apart from exporting doctors to all sorts of needy places. ‘Nuff said.

About Syria:

2012-Present: The US clandestine and overt involvement in the extremely bloody attempt to oust the extremely bloody President Assad is causing much misery and the destabilized outcome may turn out to be as bad or (think Iraq) worse than the situation being addressed. Can’t help think that the Syrian people might be pawns in the obvious USA/EU vs Russia power game being played out as I write this.

About Libya:

2011: Occasionally the CIA help oust “bad guys” if they become embarrassingly bad or otherwise piss off the White House. CIA covert action helped oust Muammar Gaddafi. There are other covert activities from the main article I’ve used that I’ve not listed, for various reasons. I can think of plenty of others that didn’t make my post. El Salvador and Argentina spring to mind. Guess this is as good a place as any to give the excellent Wikipedia article, from which I cited much of this stuff, credit:

(Covert United States foreign regime change actions).

I just feel driven to attempt humbly to redress a lack of balance in the current anti-Russia cheerleading that is so one-sided – and intellectually insulting – that it makes me walk away from our one TV in fuming disgust.

It’s not Good Guy vs bad Guy – it’s Bad Guy vs Bad Guy, folks.


In the nutty global games of scarcity and power being played out at the present time, truth and balance are the first victims.



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2 thoughts on “An Incomplete List of Crimes (and Lies) “Demon Putin” Never Perpetrated”

  1. We can pretty much assume at this point if the corporate media outlets are covering it, then it’s a story the elite want us to hear. And who knows how many voices will never be heard from or acknowledged?

    This is a comprehensive list with good information, Bob. In order to identify more with our fellow captives, the spell of our captors must first be broken.

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