Black Water – A Song from 2007

Photo Credit - photonigeria - flickr creative commons
Photo Credit – photonigeria – flickr creative commons – all rights reserved

I wrote the song, Black Water, immediately upon reading a grippingly sad article by Tom O’Neill with haunting photos by Ed Kashi in National Geographic’s February, 2007 issue. I attempted to contact Mr. O’Neill in 2007 about my song but there was no response. I have recently found photos on flickr from the Niger Delta area which, though not as graphic as those taken by Ed Kashi, compliment the song beautifully. Here is the original NatGeo article. I appeal to you to read it.

In this song I tried to personalize the sadness, suffering, crime, illness and the destruction that 50 years of oil development had inflicted upon a valid, dignified way of life  practiced by the people of the Niger Delta.  Thanks to photonigeria, I’ve been able to present the song in a dramatic, dignified fashion on YouTube.

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