I’m Not Whining Alone… Oh, Shit! Pete’s gone!

Just to prove that I’m not alone here whining (and singing) in the forest…

Oh shit! Pete’s gone!

On February 2 Michael Enright played the following quote from his 2000 A.D. interview with Pete Seeger – while interviewing Alec Wilkinson about his short (at Pete’s insistence) biography of Pete called The Protest Singer: An Intimate Portrait of Pete Seeger. 

The average person is now gradually  coming to realize that settling problems with guns, bombs and other forms of violence will have to be phased out – quickly or slowly. The bombs have gotten too powerful and war is no longer something that is engaged in by a few professional soldiers. It’s something that wipes out whole countries and civilian populations and – keep in mind – we’re all gonna be forgotten sooner or later. The important thing is do we keep this world rolling in a better direction and maybe not so much in a bad direction – if anybody notices hundreds of years from now if there’ll be a human race there’ll be a little corner of a shelf full of books or perhaps a few reels of tape or disks somewhere with electronic information and somebody wants to check on what did happen in the dark days of the twentieth century – we are in the dark ages you know – because if there’s a human race here in a few hundred years they’ll look back on these times as the dark ages when trillions of dollars was (sic) being spent on weapons of war and then the nations of the world mostly complain: “Oh we don’t have enough money for education.”

Couldn’t agree more. I’ll miss you, Pete. Check out the above podcast link. Michael himself introduces the program with an essay on Pete. Sandwiched between these two Seeger tributes are several other topics, including how the most powerful bankers around the planet all seem to come from Goldman-Sachs.


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