Young At Heart – Lyrics and Chords

For this song by Johnny Richards and Carolyn Leigh, a million-seller in 1953-54 for Frank Sinatra, I went first to to get the words and chords. The words were fine, and the chords helped, but didn’t all fit with what my ear wanted to hear. So I went to work. Once again I’ve posted the result because I see it as an improvement over what’s currently out there. It is rated on the ultimate-guitar site as intermediate for difficulty, and I agree, but I’ve used simplified chords that still sound great and included the chord diagrams for any of the less common chords used. You can play along with this YouTube Gmajor version of Sinatra’s marvelous performance of a wonderful ballad. It’s close enough.

Young At Heart - Lyrics and Chords
Young At Heart – Lyrics and Chords

Three comments:

Voicing of the diminished chords: The two diminished chords, to my ear, sound better where I’ve shown them in the tablature. The Ddim chord is played with strings 2 and 4 open and the Gbdim on the fourth fret. I have named them arbitrarily by the lowest note (on string 4). As you may know, as one moves up the fret board the diminished chords repeat themselves every third fret. The Ddim chord can thus be played in the open position or at fret 3 or at fret 6, 9. etc. The open position just sounds better.

The Gadd9 chord: The tab looks awkward because, even though it is barred, I place an x over string 4 showing that it is not to be plucked. Actually it sounds great when only strings 6, 3, 2 and 1 are plucked. String 5 is fine, and string 4 adds the flat seventh, making the chord a G7add9 if all six strings were strummed. It just sounds cleaner with strings 6, 3, 2 and 1. Using the Gadd9 as the final chord is not necessary; a regular G major chord works. The Gadd9, brighter than G major,  just adds a bit of class to the finale.

The D7+5 chord: My circle above string 4 got filled in by accident. Play string 4 open.


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6 thoughts on “Young At Heart – Lyrics and Chords”

    1. They match my ears and those who listen to me when I perform that, and many other songs more difficult than it. Usually what I publish is an improvement or a simplification over what I find on the web, otherwise, why bother? Not sure what your specific issue is with that lead sheet.

      1. I’m with you. These chords are a big improvement over everything I’ve seen. However in the lines…”you can go to extremes with impossible schemes” ….as we as “if should survive to a hundred and five” …. I hear Dm – E7 Dm – E7. Not Bm7-5 – E7 Bm7-5 – E7.

      2. Thank you, Doug! It’s always a treat to get comments on my lyrics/chords posts. Yours is generous and right on about the Dm. I have trouble hearing the added b note in the arrangement but the attached piano arrangement I found tonight uses the m7b5 and I have hummed the b note along with Frank’s version and it works both when added to the Dm chord, creating Bm7b5, and of course as the 5th in the E7 chord. You are perfectly right that Dm works very well and may in fact have been played by the orchestra. I like the complex 4 note m7b5 chord a little better than Dm, but that’s a very personal choice.

        Click to access YoungAtHeart(Piano).pdf

      3. Mister Mightyturk,

        Thanks for your response. And just to clear something up, I want you to know that I am not, by any stretch, an accomplished musician. I can barely read music, I play “OK” guitar and I don’t even know what some of the chords I’m playing are called. (BTW…cannot play your Bm7-5) But you should also know that I’ve been after that song (“Young at Heart”) for years. And last night deciding to give it another try and the usual Google hits were not delivering. Then out of desperation, I scrolled down a little further and stumbled on to your page. And…Bingo! Finally I’m strumming chords that are in sync (no pun intended) with what I recall of the melody. So the upshot is…that I will now have a little more fun bringing my guitar to the beach…than I’m already having.

        My best to you and thanks again.

        Doug Dwyer

  1. To viralbaze: Thank you for liking my post. I do not know of any sites that produce lead sheets that are free of errors. Ultimate guitar is one of the best and I get a few clues there if something is tricky but I always modify and correct for what pleases my ear. I do not do many this carefully. When I do, I share them. Sorry I don’t have more.

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