Revisiting Our Oily Assumptions

David Suzuki’s insightful piece says that rail vs pipeline is the wrong question.

He focuses on real, simple, economic questions and asks rather, “Why?” or, at least, “Why Now.”

He includes links to support his point and allow the reader to read more if he/she wishes.

He stays away from the issue of dishonouring our promises made to our First Nations and the poisoning of their water, air, soil and people because, I assume, the arguments he makes stand strongly on their own.

Winning the political battle will not be easy without the involvement and courageous resistance of our First Nations, however, as FN lawyer, Pamela Palmater has argued strongly. I have summarized her position, and the full-blown attempt by Stephen Harper to wipe out their culture, here.


Author: mytiturk

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2 thoughts on “Revisiting Our Oily Assumptions”

  1. It seems like any document with the words treaty, resolution or act in it is code for rich, (mostly) white men are about to bend you over. In our complex, interconnected world alliances and bridges will need to be built to harness our collective power in defiance of highly consolidated, corporate power. My struggle is your struggle and your struggle is my struggle.

    Best to you, sir.

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