At The Risk Of Repeating Myself Precisely Ten Months Later

Surprise! Sometimes I even have something positive to propose instead of just bashing Stephen Harper.

I am re-proposing my Feb 1st proposal to the Green Party in a more general form. I have resent these messages directly to Elizabeth May and to Stephane Dion, since I respect and trust their greenness and honour. They just might “get it” and start the ball rolling. I am confiding to you readers that this challenging idea may be ignored without a huge show of support from Canadians for the idea. Maybe a Facebook page. I will not do it, since I only now use FB with my tiny iPod after learning that hackers siphoned off some folks’ financial information via that popular social media site.

If you believe, as I and Maude Barlow do, that we do not have two years to wait to derail the Conservative Party’s plan: Let’s Expose Canada to Foreign Corporate Lawsuits Forever By Signing Secret Trade Deals With The Pacific Rim and Europe then…

Here is something that just might work:

The opposition parties must serve notice to the international community that any trade deals made by Harper will not be honoured once his regime is defeated. This, in my opinion, would be fair enough warning and stop him in his tracks. We can’t wait two more years for him to lock us into trade deal servitude with (the corporate bosses of) Europe and the Pacific Rim. Speed is absolutely necessary.

Have the leaders of all the opposition parties stand up together and state in the House that, when the Conservatives are defeated, the anticipated secret trade deals, TPPA and CETA will not be honoured, even if signed, if they expose Canada to lawsuits from foreign corporations for bringing in laws that affect their future profits.

This brave action would destroy the Conservatives’ credibility to continue negotiating these secret deals with the secret corporations that are at the secret table when similar access is denied to parliamentarians.

And if you think that Harper’s resignation will save us from this plan you are wrong. His replacement will be on the same right wing, corporation-dominated path.

The whole government must fall – or be paralyzed.

We have already been sued repeatedly for “lost future profits” by American Corporations under Chapter 11 of NAFTA. We do not need more of the same. We would cease to be a state with any ability to protect its future.


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