Jemaa el Fna at mid-day
Jemaa el Fna at mid-day

Marrakech was a fascinating place. We visited Jemaa el Fna Square twice. Independently, with friends Tom and Ellen we revisited two bars in Tom’s favorite, and famous, hotel, La Mamounia, for cocktails: 15 euro gin and tonics.

The first time in the square was in the evening, when all the food, juggling, dancing, story-telling and snake charming is taking place – every evening. There’s no place like it. I didn’t get many photos because we were warned not to photograph the people or we would be bombarded with people asking for 10 dirhams – roughly a dollar. So I did stealth video for 18 minutes as our group walked around the square – just holding the camcorder closed at waist level. I got great shots of asses, elbows, backs and shoulders of our group members as well as a flavour for the sounds of the place. Few clips snipped from the 18 minutes lasted longer that 15 seconds.

Video Clips: Only if you’re keen; the quality isn’t good and they’re very short, but they convey an atmosphere:

           Carriage Ride to Jemaa el-Fna         

           Snake Charmer         


         Food Stalls For The Brave       

         Call to Prayer – Koutoubia Mosque       

         Bell Ringer       

Jemaa el-Fna at Night

           Candle lady at restaurant         

Belly Dancer 1


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