Sagrada Familia

After a month in Spain, Portugal and Morocco we felt we were “Churched Out” until we walked into Sagrada Familia. It is a very special place for anyone with eyes and a heart. For a little more info about Gaudí, see my post on the Barcelona of Gaudí.


Author: mytiturk

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3 thoughts on “Sagrada Familia”

  1. I had a lot of trouble with my computer freezing while playing with this post’s gallery. The input format seems to have changed. It seems that it has been dumbed down to a drag and drop process that has several glitches. Do you agree, or am I the glitch?

  2. I love Barcelona and the Sagrada Familia was definitely one of my favourite things there. Actually I am crazy about all of Gaudi’s work that are dotted around Barcelona!! Great photos!!

    1. We visited SF first. Bought a small book on his entire body of work at the gift shop there. It is a beautiful book with much insight and history. The interior work is so recent that it was not included.
      We are so fortunate to have been there in 2011. Thanks for your interest and very kind thoughts.

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