The Barcelona of Gaudí

Sagrada Familia Ceiling

Casa Milà – on the roof. Built between 1905 and 1910 by Antoni Gaudí (1852-1926) in Barcelona.

One of Many Spectacular Roof Sculptures – Casa Milà

We stayed three nights in Barcelona in 2011. This museum was a highlight. The works of the wonderful Gaudí in Barcelona alone were many and marvelous.

We asked about his famous and ongoing project, the Sagrada Familia church, at our hostel and learned that so many of Barna’s locals haven’t seen the interior in its latest, magnificent form. Benedict XVI “invested” it in 2010, so we were once again blessed with excellent timing in choosing when to visit places. After close to a month in Spain, Portugal and Morocco I thought we were “churched out.” The interior of this place made my jaw drop. The light, the inspiration from nature, the vision and the incredible beauty speak to all – “believers and non-believers” – to anyone with eyes and a heart. Gaudí spent the last 47 years of his life involved in this enormous project. Others have carried it on – faithful to his concepts, drawings, philosophy and vision.

One of 18 planned towers  of Sagrada Familia Church

One other place built by the Master is Parc Güell built to be a northern suburb of Barna and financed by his great patron, Eusebi Güell. It was impossible to get a private moment to snap its colourful, ceramic dragon or lizard.

Dragon near Parc Güell Entrance

Gaudí’s masterpieces are all over Spain. There are several more important Gaudí places in Barna. We could have done nothing else in our three days and still have come away amazed and happy.


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