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Sometime back in June, quite new to wordpress, but not to blogging, I was nominated for a Reader Appreciation Award by Thelma Cunningham. The logo to the left is a requirement of accepting and passing on the Award. Thelma is one of the first to comment on my blog and I really appreciate her generosity and her interest in my work. Thelma is a singer, published author and sensitive poet whose works are inspired by spirituality and a desire for justice and unity among peoples. Her poem, HOODIE, challenges the cachet of violence associated with this garment, one which keeps her comfortably warm, snug and private. I like this poem a lot. I also really enjoy hearing gospel music, Thelma’s vocal specialty. Many thanks, Thelma.

I am late in acknowledging Thelma’s kindness because I knew very few bloggers at the time, I didn’t follow anyone and did not understand how do fulfill the requirements. I’m still a bit confused about it, so I have used a post by 40 is the new 13 as a template. At first look I like the direct, captivating and humble style of Jennifer S’s post and her blog.

OK. Having acknowledged the talented Thelma, it’s time for the required list of seven things about me:

  1. I had a favorite, fashionable and generous aunt Nini from New York who mis-spelled my nickname Bobbie – the only thing about her I didn’t love when I was 5.
  2. I grew up wandering the wooded areas and gardens of my Québec hometown catching bees and snakes
  3. At about 7, I got a ukelele and a beginner song book from my mentor uncle, Eric. My self-taught progress was going great guns until, riding my imaginary horse Trigger while playing the uke, my six-gun strapped to my waist, Trigger, darn that nag, fell into a ditch and wrecked the instrument.
  4. I can’t swim in a straight line on the surface of a body of water.
  5. I was but one minor class clown among many for my entire high school career.
  6. I was too shy to sing in public until I turned 20.
  7. I’m still not too old to sing in public.

Now for my nominees for the Reader Appreciation Award (you are required to nominate between 5 and 10) in ( now somewhat buggered) alphabetical order:

CatrionaIsCrazy   Laughing out loud funny. Catriona does stuff like ask the guys delivering her new stove if it is suicidal, homicidal, or mentally unstable.  Bad experiences with inanimate objects? I can relate.

clotildajamcracker   If you are concerned about protecting your loved ones in, from, or during a Zombie apocalypse, this blog will put things in some sort of crazy perspective. Sarcasm perfected to an art form. Some anger, but who can go through life without getting ticked at some people? Again, I can relate. Again, very funny. Caution… may contain well-timed profanity.

garyschollmeier   Gary is a dedicated and daily poster with a keen interest in photography. Some of his experiments with the basic building blocks of an image, tone and hue, amaze me.

That’s How The Light Gets In   Gerry admits right off the top that he blogs so that he can remember what he’s learned. He takes a great deal of time to craft a blog. When he hits on a topic in which we share an interest, I always appreciate the new insight obtained by reading what he collects from varied places to weave together  into an innovative whole.

To Be Aware   When I first checked out this blog, I realized that English was not Ido’s first language, but his brilliance and joy come through. He has gone through huge, positive changes and I really enjoy his way out adventure method of achieving oneness. I’m a sucker for brain teasers, too. Fascinating stuff.

knowthesphere   I began my new blog with a keen interest in using a type of buddhism to help me lighten up. I have gained some insight in reading this thoughtful blog.

Leanne Cole Photography   I have an appreciation for those who put great energy into producing the finest image that they can. Leanne is always seeking creative ways to improve her skill in developing an image into a work of art, and she does something even more important: Leanne takes us into her thinking and her methods. She makes me want to try new things.

Unbound Boxes Living Gods   Anyone interested in writing as an art form would find Cheryl Moore’s blog fun and inspirational. Even if you just like creative writing there is something for you here.

Now I will inform each nominee that I have nominated them for a reader Appreciation Award, the last step.

The five required  steps in this process have been highlighted above using bold type format.


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