Our Middle Class Owes Much to the Labour Movement

‘The evidence is is just about bullet-proof: When union membership thrives, so does the middle class.

The above quote is from an August 31 Toronto Star article by Antonia Zerbisias

In the same vein, today’s well written rabble.ca blog by David J. Climenhaga highlights the concerted attacks by our right-wing dominated media and “think” tanks on what’s left of the labour movement. Merit Contractors Association, Climenhaga reveals, hired Leger Marketing to do a push-poll showing how Canadians “hate” unions. A push-poll is a poll that phrases questions in such a way that the desired opinion appears to be favoured in the results.

What has happened in the last couple of decades is the systematic erosion, weakening and elimination  of unions,  cherry picking them off one at a time until those who still have union protection now appear to be undeservedly “privileged.” Like wolves isolating the weakest deer from a herd, union-bashing organizations have been patient, determined and relentless.

We must remember the century of struggle for worker protection that is a dignified part of our history here in North America. Without that struggle even those of us who are not now in unions would yet be serfs in a feudal system.

Happy Labour Day, folks. Be careful not to be taken in by the spike in union bashing articles and programs in which you will be submerged this weekend.


Author: mytiturk

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