Partial Solar Eclipse in the GTA Today

Do NOT look at this event with the naked eye or sunglasses! Look only through #14 welders’ glass or project the image through binoculars onto a piece of white board and look at the board! 

Should begin at about 8:20 PM Eastern Daylight Time, cover about 23% of the sun at its max. at ~8:35 PM and will not be finished when the sun sets in our area around 8:42 PM. I used info for Buffalo, N.Y. on Sky and Telescope’s website. You can check there for info on your own area. Only the western U.S. and Asia/Pacific areas will see the “Ring of Fire.”


Author: mytiturk

Travelbug Minstrel: Strum for my supper, croon for my cuppa Search for a sign, write for my whine

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