Kogi Prayer

I shall weave the fabric of my life,

I shall weave it white as a cloud,

I shall weave some black into it,

I shall weave dark maize stalks into it,

I shall weave maize stalks into the white cloth,

Thus I shall obey divine law.

Author: mytiturk

Travelbug Minstrel: Strum for my supper, croon for my cuppa Search for a sign, write for my whine

One thought on “Kogi Prayer”

  1. The Kogi Prayer was found by Tim Plowman in the notes of Gerardo Reichel-Dolmatoff, Colombia’s foremost expert on the peoples of the Sierra Nevada, who lived among the Kogi in the early 1940’s. For the Kogi, the sacred is woven into the material world. The loom is not an object – it is the act of weaving. The loom is an image for the world and for the human body. Where the four spokes cross is the Sierra Nevada peaks, the centre of the Kogi world, or the heart, the centre of a human being.

    This information was taken from page 53 of Wade Davis’ magnificent and insightful book, One River.

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